28 June 2010

seen and heard (love is in the air edition)

**** Heard ****
Ambrose: You wanna hear a story Mama?
Me: Tell me a story Amby.
Ambrose: Ok. (in a faster paced voice) Once upon a time there was a little mommy naaaaaaamed... (thinks it over)...... (looks at my shirt which has little deers all over it) ummm... little goats!
Me: Ahhhhh, yes.

**** Seen and Heard ****

Ambrose: (picking up a piece of popcorn and holding it out to me) Oh Mama, you want this piece?
Me: (touched) Sure buddy.
Ambrose: Ok, here! (puts it in my mouth and giggles with delight as I crunch it.)
Ambrose: Here Mama, have another one (holds it out like he's going to feed me again so I open my mouth as I say-)
Me: Thanks buddy- (and just as it reaches my mouth he snatches it away and quickly goobbles it up! laughing so hard he can barely swallow)

**** Seen:
Asher reaching two arms out to Mama
**** Heard:
Asher clickity-clacking his tongue, which means he wants a kiss
**** Seen:
Mama grinning ear to ear as she get a big slobbery Asher kiss
**** Heard:
More clickity-clacking as Mama heads off to finish cooking- baby wants another kiss

**** Seen ****
Ambrose finally getting in the swing of a little potty training action today (!!!!!)
**** Heard ****
Ambrose: (giggling)
Mama: You're AWESOME!
Ambrose: oh, and you are so awesome too my pretty Mama girl


laurel said...

"Oh and you are so awesome too my pretty Mamma girl"!!! hahahaha... love it. Asher is growing up so faaaaast!

echo said...

i love seen and heard posts.
ambi says the sweetest things.
and wow asher is one handsome gent.

modestmuse said...

Awww, so cute! I love that Asher is doing his own hair lol

boo face mcjones said...

great post, pretty Mama girl.

Bitty said...

I agree, pretty Mama girl. Lovely little post.

.Ang. said...

what a wonderful life!!

liko said...

great photos and phrases!!

love your little men.
and you.