07 June 2010

summer starts now

Today marks the first week of the summer for our family because I don't have to rush off three evenings a week to teach:
Whooosh up the stairs

My awesome student Nilo sent me these pictures of our last day as a class:

What a beautiful bunch of people! This term was a challenge because everyone except one student was straight out of EIL classes- meaning that this was their first college English class after learning English. They started out the term very insecure and I worried about making sure everyone could understand what I was saying... let alone the readings... let alone writing at the college level.

I think we all learned a lot- me most of all- which makes me so grateful for this semester because I feel better equipped to teach a variety of students now!

I don't know if I will teach again, but it sure has been a fun ride and that is that.


Erin said...

do you LOVE Jocelyn??? I LOVE HER! she lives in my hale. cutest thing ever.

now that im looking closer, i think the majority of those girls live in my hale! go hale 3! :)

ashley said...

what a group! and WELCOME SUMMER!!!!

and, you know they will call you again, that would be a really hard group to teach and you did it! you rock the english 101 world!

liko said...

oh stop saying you don't know if you will teach again because you know you will.
and i bet those students were really humble, errr, were they??
seriously woman, you rock.
and when we have no more boogers and coughs to share we will visit. mark my words.
oh, and you're really making me of these mates of state people. :-)

liko said...

it was supposed to say youre really making me a FAN of these mates of state people.
just fyi.

Ashley said...

I love your green shoes. I am excited you aren't teaching this summer so we can see you. Thanks for the address today, you saved me.

.Ang. said...

I so wish you could have been my English teacher!

and you are adorable


a mermaid said...

erin yes! she cracked the whole class up on a regular basis. she was the class mascot for sure. we all love jocelyn. sometimes she would ask me a long, verrrrry long series of complicated questions and not listen to any of the answers and i would finally say, "jocelyn! i can't do this right now. i have to start class!" and she would say, "okeeeeee sista!" and laugh as she raced to her seat like a cartoon character. she is one of my all-time all-time favorites..... of all time. :)

a mermaid said...

ang- we posted at the same time- hehe!

echo said...

yippee for SUMMER!!!

-love the shoes!

Megan and Keli'i said...

I am proud of you for teaching! I know what a challenge it can be, even if it is amazing!

And can I just say how much I love those shoes? Yes, I do!

modestmuse said...

I SOOOooo admire you for this! Any time you talk about your classes, I get anxiety! That is pretty much my worst nightmare, and you LOVE it and are good at it! Wow. And love the green shoes.