04 June 2010

ughh, so far this morning...

Ambrose has woken up by falling out of his bed straight onto the back of his head, cuddled both us of in a mommy/daddy sandwich of soothing consolation, woken up his baby brother with enthusiastic chatter over the Berenstain Bears show, danced around his room to avoid the dreaded morning diaper change, insisted on accompanying me to the bathroom and gabbed my ear off all throughout, begged for breakfast as if I've been starving him these last three years, demanded that he help make oatmeal, poured water all over the stovetop, indignantly eaten raw oats to prove a mysterious point, refused cooked oatmeal after copious amounts of syrup, cinnamon sugar, and green apple were put in, refused plain oatmeal as well, honestly pleaded for plain sugar for breakfast for at least 20 minutes with bouts of screaming and sobbing all throughout--

and then Mama lost it.

And screamed at everyone. Including unsuspecting Daddy who was just trying to wake up and come out to help.

It was ugly.

I blame it on too little sleep and too many demands.

Also, I blame myself.

Now it's Daddy to the rescue! taking both boys out for a drive since the walk I started to prepare for in an effort to distract from the epic disaster that was this morning tragically failed as soon as I erroneously attempted to put sunscreen on the three year olds face.

Daddy's giving me a break, but really I feel awful anyway. I wish he didn't have to.

All kids are different and it's hard being three.

I'm going to use this quiet time to figure out a game plan for being the best mom to Ambrose that I can.

He's clearly a special kid and he clearly has a strong will for a reason and


he was sent to me for a reason.

I just need to forget what I thought I knew about being a mother and ask the Lord for help in being the mother Ambrose needs.

It feels really good to recognize that.

It's gonna be great even though I'll probably still lose my patience and have to start over from time to time.

He's a strong spirit. I'm excited to see what life has in store for him and eager to help him reach his fullest potential.

Self-pep talk over. I feel better. Ready, set, go!


liko said...

i'm sure all us moms can relate. i swear my neighbors are probably sick of hearing me using a not-so-nice tone in speaking to my kids...all we can do is try to be better. and thank goodness for dads.

stef j. said...

go tom!

and i ditto liko... i go absolutely nutzo at least 3 times weekly. *sigh*

you can do it!!

lizzie said...

I can relate. For sure. Thank heavens they are only 3 once. :)

lorieloo said...

i think we have the same kid. you just described our daily battle. maybe not literally, but scarily similar.

hang in there. and thanks for the pep talk. =)

Henke Family said...

you're such a good mom. I can tell.
Every mom has days like that....

laurel said...

I second what the Henke family said.

Sarah Frantz said...

Ambrose and Elijah are such twinners! That's Elijah to a T. So dramatic, so unpredictable in his moods. Sometimes pulling the wrong color shirt out of the drawer will cause a huge sobbing outburst, you never know. :) But just follow the spirit, you are an amazing mom. Miss you guys and LOVE the pics of your new house. They inspire me.

Luisa said...

I felt like I was reading my own thoughts with that post:) You are a great mom Steph and Ambrose is lucky to have you.

ashley said...

like how i yelled at both my girlies tonight as i put them to bed? yeah, we all do it. steph, your an awesome momma. awesome i tell ya!

Anna K. said...

You always have such great outlooks! I miss you tooooo! Ambrose looks like a super hero in the above picture. I love it!