30 June 2010


Yeah we made our own shirts (actually Matti made mine), waited in line for hours with all the other excited weirdos, met up with more giddy friends that we saved seats for, ate junk, giggled, screamed, got shushed by the angry older crowd (what were you serious types doing there at midnight???), felt awesomely young again since we got shushed by the angry older crowd, and had a simply marvelous time.


I love all the high-horse riders who refuse to read this book or go to a movie. You are all proving your point..... wait, what was it again? I'm sorry, I was too busy having tons of fun to catch it!

And I'm a literary snob. Who loves Twilight. So there! (insert pre-teen tee-hee's in here)

I tried to be sensible for 3/4s a day and backed out the morning of because I need all the patience I can get with potty training Ambrose and teething Asher, got lunch brought to me by friends who talked me back into going (seriously you guys are pure gold), and speaking of pure gold: Thomas stuck around this morning to get up with the kids and keep them entertained while I caught a few more zzzzzzzzzs.

It's nice having a husband who supports silly. Uh-huh it is.


melissa marie said...

you're funny.

you know i haven't read any of them, right? and not because i'm a snob (hello nancy drew), just because they're boooooring. (i know you still like me just like i still like you.)

i'm just glad you have fun friends and could do something fun, no matter what it is.


Brooke said...

I almost waited til the weekend to go...and then I saw all my fun friends in Hawaii posts on Facebook and I said "self, you only live once and you need to be a little crazy sometimes!" So I got some other crazy friends and we bought our tickets at four--day of--front row!! It was worth it.

rachel said...

read my brother's review. It's not nice, but it's funny.

a mermaid said...

mellie- always and forever i still like you.

echo said...

soooooo fun!!!!

liko said...

edward was looking good enough to eat, i must say. jacob wasn't so bad on the eyes, either.
could've done without the entire row of people seated in front of us, though. it reminded me of the chick sitting behind me during new moon who kept saying shutup to anyone making a peep. i wanted to smack her.

anyways, girl nights like that are always so fun. and i'm glad you decided to make an appearance. i was very very happy!

rachel said...

Okay now read my brother's post on kindle/baby-mom exercises. Can you tell he is drugged up? He has a patch that makes him woozy and five to six pills a day to keep the pain away. My husband and I are seeing Eclipse tomorrow! He likes the movie and read book one. I read all of the books. I pick Edward so I can live forever.p.s my husband read Twilight before I did. He had to convince me to read it. blah blab blah. Now I sound like I'm drugs.

rachel said...

is there a way to follow you?

rachel said...

I have you in my google reader. My brother wanted to follow you! He likes your optimistic blog.

ashley said...

stepping off my high horse really quick to leave you a comment- i am so glad you went! so funny that you guys got shushed! almost makes me wish i was there so i could have mouthed off to the chick some more- we could have had a rumble in the parking lot.

anyways, hope the training is going well! we just may have to stop by today after i pick up vz from school!

Damaris said...

I went and I'm ready to go again.

favorite line ever :"doesn't this guy own a shirt?

Hailey said...

Thank you so much for calling out those that refuse to read the books! Like they are so much better than a little pre teen fun!!! ha ha