02 July 2010


June has come and gone lovies and the apron project turned into one of those things in the back of my mind. Nearly every time I would hang with a sewing friend there would be guilty talk of how no one had sewed a thing yet, but fully intended to, and I found myself in the same boat so I couldn't offer too much encouragement.

Yesterday my good buddy Echo texted me asking when the apron party was and I thought immediately of my cut-out and abandoned project sitting in my sewing cabinet.

So I whipped the bottom half together in under an hour last night (go me!)

And the hasty construction shows. And there is no top part.

And it just might stay that way.

But I like it.

But here's the thing. I'm not a teacher (well, not YOUR teacher anyway) and this is not homework... so...

Sew one if you want!

Don't if you don't want!

Email me a picture if you want!

Don't if you don't want!

Come to my apron party at the end of the summer (sometime toward the end of August after I get home from vacation)!

Don't come if you can't!

Cause remember: we're cool like that.


melissa marie said...

i started wearing my aprons again, but i didn't sew one. i did sew a couple of shirts to cover my burgeoning self though. maybe i'll wear one to a different party than the one you're referring to here.

a mermaid said...

ohhh yes i can't wait to see!!!!

liko said...

end of august works out GREAT for me!! and maybe, just maybe by the end of today my cut-out pieces will be sewn together at last and i will finally have an apron.

no promises, though.

and i think my blog is good now. i hope.

ashley said...

i actually got out my machine yesterday, but not for an apron. i will though. i promise. maybe. hopefully. i will let you know in august!

stef j. said...

yay for aprons!! everytime i cook, which is starting to be a daily occurrence (thank goodness), i think, "dang i need an apron."

and oh what a rainy day today is... so why not sew an apron, eh!? i think i will!!

Meg said...

ooohhh... I love the stripy sash. I might just have to go sew an apron now. I've never sewn an apron before. I think it's about time...

sheila said...

ok. I gave myself until the end of August. I have everything cut and ready to go- I too just put it in the back of my mind.
Although now I feel like making an apron that covers my shoulders and chest for those burps and spit-ups that come when you're not expecting.

jen said...

one more reason to wish i was back in hi.

Carrie said...

Mine is sitting in pieces on my dress form like Cinderella's dress waiting for the ball. I need some mice to come sew it for me. But I'll get there and I might even send you a picture!

And I hate that I'm missing this party too. sadness.

Teena said...

I want to say a lot of things about your amazing married life and hobbies and kids and how you're way cooler than me. But i'd like to point out that your bod is hot.