02 July 2010

team boo

Today we had good news to share back and forth and I paused after hanging up to enjoy it. The glow you feel when you're moving forward is exciting and even more rewarding when you can feel genuine joy for the ones you love as well.

We work well together. Tonight was a great night celebrating our little one's potty achievements and believe me it's a big deal that you can only understand when you also have a headstrong toddler to train.

Here's to more good nights and days. Working together. Staying positive. Optimism yields the most effective growth and unspoken understanding and teamwork too.

It helps that we are eternally invested in this progression too. Interestingly enough there is something freeing about that type of security.

Hardworking, modern, helpful, silly, intelligent, and true-to-yourself honey.

Glad you are mine.


laurel said...

Glad you belong to eachother. Congratulations guys. Hugs and Hi fives from Aunty Laurel.

Damaris said...

dang this is a good post. what great perspective you have. I agree with you on being married for ever and ever and ever, it's the best feeling and most secure feeling ever.