05 July 2010

help get the word out oahu moms!

Got this email tonight: (sorry the format copied over a bit crazy)
Aloha friends!
We are holding a series of information meetings to discuss starting a
charter school. We have already submitted our "Letter of Intent", and
are in the process of writing our "Detailed Implementation Plan" (DIP).
We will be gathering input and looking for members to serve on
committees and the interim local school board (ILSB). We will be
presenting our vision and ideas, discussing fundraising and grant ideas,
facilities, etc.
There are several options to attend:
Wednesday, July 7th at 10am at the Gunstock Ranch Pavilion in Laie, Hawaii
Wednesday, July 7th at 2pm online at
http://www.elluminate.com/trial/p.go?pk=PvSs3WAV8WrSxOEI (please visit
before hand to make sure you have all necessary plug-ins)
Thursday, July 8th at 6pm at the Gunstock Ranch Pavilion in Laie, Hawaii
We hope that you will attend one of the three above sessions to hear our
plans and to share your ideas! This is a statewide endeavor so please
forward this to all that may be interested! We will continue to hold
meetings. Please visit our website at
http://hawaiiala.weebly.com/index.html for more information including
the schedule of meetings.

Ambrose doesn't even start school for two more years, but I have been hoping for this sort of thing for a while! It's nice to have more options and I will definitely be making an effort to attend one of the meetings to find out more information.


liko said...

i think charter schools are awesome!!!

too bad i will miss that meeting!!

laurel said...

How cool. It might not necessarily be obvious to you why but this post for me touches on one of the multitude of reasons why I admire you.

Rhitzclan said...

Oh thanks for the info! I'm interested in this as well.

echo said...

represent me there too. i am sad i won't be able to attend.