25 August 2010

at least he's poetic

I had to tear Ambrose away from his cutting and gluing to go to swim lessons yesterday.

He was sad about this so I was trying to pump him up for a good workout in the pool.

Me: "Are you gonna swim like a shark!?!"
Him: (laughing like I'm ridiculous) "No maaaaama."
Me: "Oh, cuz you're gonna splash like a killer whale?!?"
Him: (rolls his head in laughter) "Noooo mamaaaa!"
Me: "Ohhh, that's cuz you're gonna flip around in the pool and do tricks like a wild dolphin!!!!"
Him: (suddenly serious and said with great gravity in his tone) "No, Ambrose will be like a tree on the stair."

He's got this whole honesty thing down.


Christina said...


That's an awesome swimming pool- where is it at?

stephanie joy said...

gunstock ranch

.Ang. said...

hahaha I love it!!

Carrie said...

ha! I could totally picture this whole thing in my head! haha

Banks was definitely a tree on the side of the pool at swim lessons this year.

liko said...

ambrose, you're awesome.
i miss you.