31 August 2010

braggy brag brag

Whenever people blog about all the awesome things their husbands do (and I am one of these "people" fo sho) it makes everyone else feel like, "good. great. fine. wonderful. GOOD FOR YOU! barf."

But a good man can be hard to find and since I really did find one I'm just gonna go ahead and say,

"Thomas Robertson,

I will never get tired of waking up late to find that you've not only been up with the two boys for hours but they're:
fed and you made juice with Ambrose (his favorite)
the potty trainer has used the toilet
the baby is changed
the mountain of laundry is almost done already (?!?!!)
the dishes are DONE
and the kids are watching a scripture cartoon of some sort.

Are you just the best or what?

Are you sure the kids wouldn't be better off and our house wouldn't be cleaner if you were the one staying home all day? Don't answer that.

But seriously, you are great and I will never take what you do for granted and I know that I am super lucky.

Love, Stephanie"


Teena said...

let's have some classes for all our husbands, wonderful and amazing as they are, they for sure don't do those things without being prompted. cheers for thomas!

melissa marie said...

hey, i don't think people say "oh good for you barf" when they read nice things about other people's husbands. (ha, i obviously don't think so, since i brag brag brag all of the time...) but really, i like reading things like this. i don't usually comment on posts like this because i don't want to steal his thunder by saying "yeah, mine is so totally awesome too," and i don't want to gush about other peoples' husbands, but i like them. so carry on, brag away.

sheila said...

You found a good man there.

Kahilau said...

Amen sister! Mike and I just had this conversation when after having Daddy for the weekend, Chloe threw a MONSTER fit when he had to leave for work on Monday. How did we get so lucky?

Diana said...

must be the shirt! snicker, snicker. you are a couple of greats!

stephanie joy said...

yes diana dear we can fondly think of you twoz guyz whenever we wear the shirtssssss you gave us. a fitting tribute (pun not intended).

liko said...

go thomas!!

and it is nice when husbands step up to the plate...