17 August 2010

dear everyone still reading my blog after all that photoATTACK,

I blogged the whole trip whether you like it or not... go me! :)

For some reason we didn't have a camera out for like any of our individual visits with my friends, so Megan Swanson, Erin and Warren, Megan and Dave, cousin Derek, Cousins Josh and Laura, Kaytie girl- really all the loved ones that got away without photoassault: (consider yourself lucky heh heh)

WE LOVE YOU so much too!

Living so far away for so long kinda takes the edge off of separation even though you still miss people- probably for survival. It would be pathetic to lay around missing everyone all day... (not that I am doing that now... sniffle sniffle) but since it is a rainy day, I have had fun getting the rest of the trip up and reliving it all because I really do love these people and places so so much and it was great to be there.

Now we are home and the trip laundry is done and we are back into swim lessons at the Ranch and I am getting a new syllabus together for my classes this Fall and we are adjusting to life.

Thanks everyone for the fabulous time!

Now back to your regularly scheduled Internet time.


melissa marie said...

well call me crazy but i liked it.

liko said...

go YOU, for real!!

you weren't messin' around!!

posting takes time and patience, so you are to be commended for getting all those posts up in record time!!

see you tomorrow!!

ashley said...

your a blogging animal. i mean, i do some huge photo explosion posts from time to time, but to have your whole trip done and blogged---wow. good work.
glad i got to see you really fast the other day, we need to play soon!

ashley said...

and what happened to the mermaid??????

i mean, i dig the new layout so just wondering.....

Damaris said...

I'm gearing up for my trip to Brazil in 2 weeks. I know what you mean about separation. I enjoyed your pics.

Erin said...

we LOVED seeing you guys. you need to come to the mainland more often! but its true - even when we are apart for sooo long, its like we didnt even skip a beat when we reunite. ily.