14 August 2010

hey soul mates,

Everything I can think to write sounds so dramatic when I actually start to type it so let's just go for it shall we?

What an afternoon/evening of awesomeness! Seriously, I felt a little awkward part way through and I think I got kind of quiet and although I wasn't horribly shocked, because I am prone to awkwardness, I really think it was because so many people who I love, who have meant something really important to me at one time or another, and who I am effortlessly friends with were -BAM- all in the same room and that is just CRAZY. (And I also know that no other group could so fully appreciate such a run-on sentence. We are a nerdy crowd like that.)

There were, sadly, a few missing faces who I am determined to pick up myself for the next gathering, but they were missed and felt in spirit.

What a bunch of soul mates. I am so very glad many of us got together after all that delicious correspondence, which I still depend upon and cherish.

Thanks for being my friends. You guys get me. I get you.

Let's keep honestly being on to all the things were are honestly onto.




melissa marie said...

hooray, my friend. thanks for posting these pictures! it was so festive that it only made me want to do it again. and when we were leaving nate said, "i don't want to go to work tomorrow. i just want to hang out with your friends." so there.

also, the other day i was worried that i'd stop being so funny after my baby is born, and nate reminded me that you all have babies and you're still funny. so phew.


Ali said...

It just feels right seeing you and Becca smiling in a picture together :)

I understand what you mean about being overwhelmed by the sudden presence of people you spend a lot of time wishing to be around. It's kind of like a "pinch me - are we really sitting next together right now? type of feeling.

Please validate that I'm making sense because I'm insecure.

Your southern fried awkward friend.

stephanie joy said...

i love you southern fried awkward friend- consider yourself validated! wish we could have seen you too, but we passed by your motherland and thought fond thoughts of you... well at least i did. i guess i shouldnt speak for thomas on such matters. :)

liko said...

this made me happy for you!!

Carrie said...

The more I hear about it the more I feel like I was there. Thanks for being so awesome, blogger friend.

boo face mcjones said...

Oh, it was so so so much fun! And I didn't notice any "awkward part way through" business. It was wonderful, and I CAN"T WAIT to do it again.

Next week, maybe?