15 August 2010

hey great grandmas,


Our kids are so lucky to have you both! One great grandparent on each side of the family. That's pretty special.

Your houses are magical. There's always something tasty to eat and something fun to watch or do. Not every kid has their own personal candy kitchen (my side) or magical forest to play in (his side).

We had a blast and are glad our children get to grow up with the same people who made OUR childhoods special.

Until next time,

Ambrose and Asher and their parents


Tara said...

looks like you had a wonderful trip! glad you are back. love the new look.

liko said...

oh, these memories are great!!

Roeckers said...

How fun!! I miss GG Hill! She looks so good!
My kids love Grandma Hills for Cinderella and those folding blocks that you can connect in all the primary colors...sure you have no idea what I am talking about HAHA.
Glad you were able to spend time with both of their GG's!

Ashley said...

Who doesn't love the folding blocks! We all know exactly what you are talking about.

stephanie joy said...

yeah i love those blocks too!

E(liz)abeth said...

Such a sweet family. I'm so glad you're back to blogging. You've been missed!