16 August 2010

hey hawaiian homies,

Are you "Red-E" for '98?

Since studies have shown that friends often play a larger role in influencing adolescents than families... I'd like to take a minute to personally thank you all- and you know who you are whether pictured at this gathering or otherwise- for being such a creative, fun, positive influence on Thomas. He loves you all so much and has told me so many epic stories about the growing up days in Laie that I am honored to now know and love you too.

All of you.

I am glad we got to meet up with so many of you folks in Utah this trip. Here's to more grand reunions!

And here's to our kids finding such quality friends to help create their own crazy, brave, loyal, good, hilarious, embarrassing, wild, and endearing stories.

We love you,

Thomas and family


echo said...

man, i wish we could have been there too!
and yes, it is true, all these people played a major role in marcs life. thank goodness for good friends!

Kahilau said...

AMEN sister! I have often reflected on the amazing men that group of friends has produced and how they all inspire each other to be their BEST, still! How is that? How did they get so blessed and as a result, how did we get so blessed? It was a great time together! Thanks for posting all those great pics!

melissa marie said...

note: i am not a hawaii homie and this is not related to this post.

is that bed up top yours or just a pretty picture?

stephanie joy said...

it was my bed when I was little and now it is the guest room bed in my mamas house. thomas took these and made this and i stole it for my header from his flickr page. :)