17 August 2010

hey palmers,

I love how we went from being BFF in Hawaii to not seeing each other for like 3 years to us staying at your house for two weeks without missing a beat! That's true friendship. I felt like we all progressed, but were much the same, which was so fun.

I love that we got to have our late into the night discussions, treat eatings, and ridiculousness like old times.

Since I'm laying down the gush already let me just say that it is so fun to have completely creative, inspiring, Christlike, non-competitive, generous, smart, and fun friends. So easy going and so supportive and just like family.

I am blown away by your business and the beauty you create all the time with such effortlessness. Lots of people can take pictures with a fancy camera, but not everyone has the style, charm, quirk, beauty, and technical know-how that you do. You don't have to rely on gimmick or over-processing. You just are. And although it is never 100% easy, that is why you are so busy. People can see it and they want that. We did too. Thanks so much for fitting us in. It was a blast and really pure magic that I envy. I wish I had such a gift.

You are cool.

We love you guys too much.

See ya in three more years (just kidding... I hope),

The Robertsons


martin said...

no. aloha to YOU friend. we love you guys so much. and it was so great to have you around. thanks for this awesome post. we smiled inside. and then the mailman poked his head inside the door and said, "friendly black advice..."

i feel like so much has happened in just a month. asher's walking. you had an anniversation. the little red hen and i made 17 chocolate cakes. and yet i somehow managed to lose 7 lbs. and now i leave you from within the shadows of the everlasting hills.................tonsilollith!


martin said...

p.s. some grey dance pants can easily be turned into jeggings with a fine point marker and a lot of time...

martin said...

also, i don't think i told you guys how impressed i was with the ways you've improved yourselves over the past 3 years. new levels of talent and abilities. and some serious accomplishments.
and you're such great parents! so patient and thoughtful about corrective teaching. and you have good senses ofs humors. which is probably why you laugh so much around us.