19 August 2010

my so-called pandora

Thomas has been amused by my 90s obsession as of late.

If you find yourself in a similar condition: make a Kings of Leon radio station on Pandora.

It will be full of awesome 90s music and some pretty good current stuff that sounds 90s (i.e.- Kings of Leon).

Sometimes you'll have to click the little thumbs down arrow here and there to get it just how you like it (No thank you Dave Mathews Band. With the exception of like three of your songs you bore me to tears. And that GooGoo Dolls song that was really famous was nostalgic the first two times around and then A-DI-OS)

Anyway, at the risk of sounding all VH1, I love the 90s.

Hope your enjoying the musical selection I put together for your listening pleasure. I'm lookin' at you Natalie, Brittany, and Ashley Hawkins. It's a small sampling of what my family has been gettin around here and all during our recent roadtrip.

I keep threatening Thomas that I'm gonna get me a pair of hightop Doc Martens.... I think he's starting to get nervous because he's laughing nervously and throwing out statements like, "Ok, so you're going to march around Laie, Hawaii in big old boots. Sure honey."

He doesn't realize that he's just helping me visualize the dream even more.

Don't laugh cuz it just might happen. Not everyone wears slippas 24/7.

post edit (I've always wanted to do one by the way): Ambrose is feelin the 90s vibe because no joke, this is what he talked me into buying at the store yesterday when we were looking for shorts for him. He's all 90s... and ready for winter apparently.


Megan and Keli'i said...

Oh, I love "MY So-called Life." I have the complete series. I'm a huge fan of the 90s too. I love the 90s Pearl Jam song too. Wynona? Jared Leto? Awww, "Edward Scissorhands?" Oh boy, we have a lot to discuss!

See, Steph? We need to be better friends.

Alli said...

Ummm...did you get the complete Daria series? If you have it I am completely jealous. I have to wait another month for my birthday. I wish Sick, Sad World was a real show.

liko said...

oh, and along with loving jordan catalano, i kinda idolized winona. until she got all weird and shoplifty on me.

and ambrose looks like he could live in seattle in the 90's with that whole grunge look he's got going on.

and i can't wait to see you in your hightops. i'm hoping i have my camera on me in hopes of gettin' a picture.

stephanie joy said...

megan- i agree friend. bring over that my so-called life and lets make it happen

alli- i dont have it! when you get it tell me if they have any cool extras

liko- promise? get that camera ready girl....

diana palmer said...

oh my gosh, glycerine!!! (she cried with her hand over her heart). every one of those songs has been a fav of mine at one time or another. ha. and ambrose makes way too convincing of a 90's 'g.' tell him to pull his pants up already. p.s. so sad about winona.
p.p.s. i saw dmb in concert, he was drunk, but i still really like them - to. this. day. uh huh.

melissa marie said...

did you know that nate and i dressed up as kurt cobain and courtney love for halloween about two years ago and (obviously) no one knew who we were? were we sooo ahead of this. kidding.

actually, i think you're pretty cutting edge for getting into the 90s. have you seen the most recent urban outfitters catalogue? i went through it going "cute, cute, too 90s, too 90s, what the big combat boots--too 90s, cute, cute" etc. so if you get your docs, you'll just look like an urban model. tell thomas to try that on for size.

ps my favorite part of those pictures is your utter delight at your ambyman.

boo face mcjones said...

I feel like we just had a mini-conversation about "Jane Says" but the other day on Facebook. Crazy crazy. And you know my deep emotional attachment to Claire Danes and how I "met" her in the airport en route to your wedding, so I'll back off there.

Mellie is totally right about the latest Urban Outfitters trend. I thought I was going to buy a shirt there until I tried it on, and it was SHORT and WIDE. Oh, I don't miss that part of the 90s. Don't worry, though, I found two other shirts to buy instead. All is well.

laurel said...

No way! Last week I made a Kings of Leon Pandora playlist and that is what I (emphasis on the I) have been listening to!! Girl don't you know I love the 90s (okay, so maybe you didn't know but now you do!) :D

laurel said...

your playlist is gonna be my packing music now-- at least until it runs out... so thanks to you... and interesting see how our lives intertwine

laurel said...

uh sorry to triple comment here but as I look at that pic of Ambrose again I just want to squeeze and kiss him-- I honestly just adore your little kiddos- too cute!!

Megan and Keli'i said...


Mindy said...

This post made me realize that my teenage years were spent entirely in the 90s...20 years ago. I feel old. Still love your blog! Those boys of yours are getting awfully cute.

Natalie said...

I am enjoying your play list I must say. Take it from someone who wore big black Doc Marten boots for many years (including to church- what?)- DON'T DO IT! You will be sorry later. :)

Rebecca Waldron said...

I support the Doc Martins! I'll get some too and we can be the girls from Empire Records except Mormon.