13 August 2010

vacation hangover

I felt like I was waking up all day and can't decide when to join the land of the living and all these great vacation pictures sure aren't helping so on a whim I redecorated my good old blog instead of taking my night time cold medicine and getting some much needed beauty sleep.

This is how I feel.

Just about every time Ambrose would have a crying spell on the mainland, he would forget about the treat or toy he was whining over and start moaning, "I need to go back to Who-Why-Hee!" (translation: Hawaii)

and today when he was getting in trouble for not sharing with his brother he wailed, "I wanna go back to the mainland right now!"

It's hard to want to be two places at the same time. I get you Ambrose. I know.


Clarissa Explains said...

Vacation with little kids, isn't much of a vacation. Everytime I come home and think "I'm NEVER leaving the house again" which in about 2 hours is followed by "AH, I HAVE to get outta this house!"

boo face mcjones said...

Ugh. Vacation hangover is the worst. But, not to be all selfish, seeing you was the best. So it's all worth it?

stephanie joy said...

oh yeah, totally worth it. i'm just being a baby because it was all so great. so great in fact- let's do it again boo!

Damaris said...

love your new template/design. go get some rest.

echo said...

looks like you were able to do some shopping on the mainland! saweeet!
i totally know the feeling of vacation hangover. send your boys to my house so you can take a nap!

star said...

I'm glad you had a good vacation even though it wore you out. Too bad it didn't involve a little Wiley time! By the way, I love all the pictures with your hair down that Tom posted on facebook. You look beautiful!

melissa marie said...

this red and this blue together is one of my favorite color combinations (probably due to my martha stuart mixing bowl collection, dang it).

i like your new sidebar titles, especially "i don't understand these stats." who does? not me.

i get vacation hangover when i leave for a day, and i have no kids. it's a real true thing. and after six months of vacationing (that's how long you were gone, right?) i'm sure it's multiple times more exhausting. but so nice to be home! that's the weird thing.

anyway, while i'm writing you a book i'll ask have you started watching the new season of project runway? i didn't even know it was on again until this week so i watched all three episodes online over the last few days. it always gives me the sewing bug.


liko said...

oh yeah!

vacation hangovers -- they suck, but soooo worth it!
take all the time you need to recover. took me a full week or two. heehee.
see you when i see you!

liko said...

love the new skinny jean leg shot, especially the SHOES!!!
i just bought some tankinis and a very boring pair of brown flats on my trip. no fabric!!!

Meg said...

I love the new design on your blog. So fresh! I hope that you're hang over ends soon. I always get vacation hang over, and I just go from Nevada to Utah! Not Hawaii to wherever... I don't blame you one bit for the hangover.

Melissa said...

Love that plaid shirt friend! Miss your face!