09 August 2010

coming to an end

Vacations are so great, but it is good that they do end eventually. I mean, how long can my kids go from place to place to place without snapping? They have been pretty great (all things considered) on this entire trip, but even the best kids in the world need home, routine, and healthy eating. They have had none of the above for almost four weeks.

You know what I love most about vacation though? Well lots of things like all the family and friends, the open schedule, the way I went ahead and gave myself a free pass to not bring my running shoes or worry about what I am eating (mysteriously my pants still fit... just barely), etc, etc, but above all

vacation gets you out of your everyday self and presents you with all sorts of people and places who are doing life differently and you just get to sit back and enjoy and maybe, when all is said and done, weigh the pros and cons about adding that to your repertoire of awesomeness that makes you YOU. (Did you follow that?)

For instance, not everyone feels like they have to do so many things or even be well rounded. This never really occurred to me until recently. I am not saying I ever was, but I'm pretty sure I tried and sometimes when you try your hand at everything you succeed at nothing.

Also, it's ok to make yourself unavailable to others. No one will die if you don't attend every club, group, play date, preschool, outing, answer every little text or phone call when someone is bored...etc. if it doesn't work for your family. I knew this deep down for a long time, but still didn't want to leave anyone hanging. You know what? No one cares that much. Ditch your computer and phone. Quit reading my blog and any others if you are neglecting something more important to do so.

What else? Oh yeah, find your passion and chase it down! So many of our friends and family are out here on the mainland chasing down their dreams and it's a beautiful thing. I love getting lost in things that make me happy and I need to do it more. It's amazing what people can create when they dedicate the time to it. I wonder what I'll be able to do with my two new classes, in my own writing dreams that I haven't been working toward at all, in creative sewing and photography that I have been wanting to work on once I can buckle down and dedicate more time to it.

And finally, this vacation has taught me that I am not patient with my kids. I need to be better. It's more important that anything else because I only get one shot at Ambrose and Asher at this age or any other. We can come out alive and on top or with two more apathetic, defensive teenagers in the world who feel misunderstood and like their parents put other things before them. No thank you. I'm not kidding myself into thinking they will want to spend all their teenage time with me, but if they can talk to me and feel secure with me during the process then hooray.

I think I'll change my blog title to "hey guys! check out this new whim...". Maybe when we get back. Oh the drama.


lizzie said...

You must have read my mind. Again. I've been mulling over a similar post for weeks now and had it planned for The Mother Runner today. Ha. Funny how these things slowly dawn on you. You really can live life the way you want to. At least to a degree. :)

Happy trails back to your island in the sun. Hope the fishies get used to their home pond sooner rather than later.

liko said...

i love lizzie's comment.

miss you guys.
we've been back for a week now and routine was thrown in my face ASAP with the kiddos and school.
yep, we can't succeed in ALL things, but we can pick and choose and try. heehee.
and i returned back home feeling like dough made of white flour - tanless and getting soft from lack of beach time and exercise and eating what i wanted.
and yes -- being on vacation is awesome!!! but being home is just as swell.
see you soon!

stef j. said...

very insightful and inspiring, friend.

echo said...

its funny how a trip to the mainland puts new thoughts in your head. it does the same thing to me. and then when i get back here it takes me a week or two to get my mind back, my head on straight, and roll my sleeves up and get going on life.
can't wait to see you guys. yesterday adelaide was walking around the house tunelessly singing to herself, 'ambrose is my best friend, ambrose is my best friend.'

diana palmer said...


what a great life lessons post.

my brain is too fried to write anything clever the way i want.

really i'm trying and



i just love you, and how when i read your writing its as though you are write next to me chatting it up. you are brilliant and so insightful and gave me really really great advice and perspective in your brief visit.

love, me

Brady and Rachel said...

Safe travels home! How fun to have all the memories to fall back on now. How fun for your kiddos to spend so muc time with so many loved ones. Well, you are not the only person with little patience for their kids (not that you don't already KNOW that),but I agree, now is the time to change that. I've mainly been working on the yelling right now. 3 days and counting! I've learned that when I make a promise I tend to do so much better at keeping it. So I told my kids that I promised them I would not yell on Saturday (obviously Friday was a NIGHTMARE),and guess what....I didn't!! I then promised again on sunday....and I didn't. I won't say I never came close, but because I've been making a DAILY promise or resolution, it is on my mind more and I think about it more so when the chance comes up, I am actually thinking before I react. And today...Success again. Sorry, i'm not trying to brag, I just have to share it with someone. This is a HUGE step for me and my children in bettering their lives. I find myself yelling way too much and I won't lie, sometimes putting them down just by the way I talk. I need to change! One day at a time. Its what's working for me. Everyone has to do what works for them. Good luck with your new classes. You'll ROCK!!