31 July 2010

travel along, singing this song...

I guess I don't blog much when I am with the people I usually blog for.

Last week Diana commented on how diligent Hawaii bloggers seem to be and we figured it's likely due to the fact that many of us are trying to stay connected to those we love across the pacific.

I know that's how it is for me anyway.

I like it alright. I'll keep it up for a while I'm sure.

Today my dad told me he was tired of looking at the same old post. So "Hi dad! Here's a new post!" (I guess I'll leave the room now and tell you myself.)

We had two wonderful weeks in wonderful Utah with wonderful friends and family. It's a crime that we don't live there since nearly all of our very best friends and so much dear family live there all of a sudden.

I'm glad we decided to come over early for a very faith building memorial service to honor my Grandpa Hawkins. I love my cousins so much and singing True to the Faith and Love at Home with all of them at the funeral made the loooong flight with Asher worthwhile (Ambrose was on the flight too but he did great. Good job boy.)

Utah nights were late and full of deep and silly Palmerisms, early mornings were reserved for slathering on the thickest moisturizer I could find, early afternoons were full to the brim with M&Ms and ice cream at Grandma Hills house, followed by summer fun with loved ones (of the Palmer, Jones, Winget, Shumway, Tutor, or Phillips variety), sprinkle in another visit or two with some awesome Hill cousins at Cousin Jon's 30th, Tim Robertson, and Grandma Olson and you have the recipe for a great two weeks in Utah.

And that grand bff reunion at the Palmers with Becca, Bitty, Melissa, Abby, Diana, Ashley, Darcie and us and all that belong to us. Big time highlight that made me pinch myself a couple of times.

Oh and don't forget our magical session at Yan Photography in her killer studio. Oh my modern. I loved every second and frankly wanted to live there.

Well, I can hear Thomas being sassy about blogging in the next room so I will end this now so I can do something really nice for him to make him feel guilty. heh heh

On to Newport Beach!


echo said...

i am glad the flight went well for you. good job ambrose!
it sounds like you have been having a blast!! i wish i could set up a session in the fancy pants palmer studio. maybe next time.
enjoy the rest of your trip!
adelaide is seriously counting down the days for you guys to get back. she asks every morning if it has been '2 weeks' yet because that is when i told her you would be back. it is cute and tragic at the same time.

The Price Family said...

This is so true. My sister was just telling me the other day that since I live in the mainland she never sees pictures of the girls. When there is so much to do and we are close to people there seems like no need to blog. But there are still our friends far away that still would like to see them grow. I miss you Stephanie. . .

ashley said...

did you really just say it's a crime that you don't live in utah? you drank the water there didn't you. your not supposed to do that. at least not straight from the tap.

have fun in newport- i am just a tad jealous! and i hope that you get on a flight to come home it's to honolulu and not slc....

we miss you too!

laurel said...

beautiful life and beautiful you.

Robbie said...

So glad you have been able to spend time with so many loved ones. It brings such joy and gladness to the soul!

melissa marie said...

oh hey, what's up.

liko said...

sounds delightful!!!

family, friends...sweet.

and yes, please make sure you come home to HNL and not SLC. thanks.

we arrived back in the 808 yesterday and adjusting back to real life is bittersweet...

enjoy california!

and i cannot wait to see pictures from yan photography of you and your brood!

Meg said...

Glad you are having a good trip, but I am even more glad that you will be coming back to Hawaii at the end of it!