15 July 2010

dear diana/melissa/brittany... oh and echo and me too,

In the grand tradition of sewing procrastination I had every intention of getting a little somethin somethin together for your little one before I left for the mainland.

I even cut out four sets of little Huck Finn pants the night before I found out about Grandpa Hawkins passing see:

Four pant fronts and four pant backs all pinned together... ready for action for four little boys: Shiloh, Mel's soon-to-be babe, Asher and Gideon (for when he got back... happy late birthday!)...

and Britt, I was gonna do a cute little baby girl dress. My first ever.

I even told Thomas about a picture I would take of them all hanging on the clothesline together when I was done looking all old fash and whatnot (Darcie and Martin are you seething over my hijacking of your phrase yet?)...

but now I am leaving a week early so guess what?

You get to look forward to receiving a package in the mail come late August!!!

So exciting right.

Ok, off to sign my Fall contract for the TWO classes I am teaching this Fall (!!!!), return the boys library books, and then hand-out candy to everyone around us as we board a plane bound for family!

Aloha Oe,



rachel said...

how long will you be here? if you have a second, I will bring you your charms. also, diana borrowed a camera from me and I need to pick it up. hmmm.....

rachel said...

ps.have a safe flight.

Rhitzclan said...

You are so cute- you crack me up! And good for you - two classes this fall!

liko said...

TWO classes?!
told you you would soon become a permanent fixture over there -- awesome!!!

haven't been able to use my phone or have internet connection for the past week and it's been nice but at the same time hard, know whattamean??

caught up on your blog, sheila rocks, i'm sorry about your grandpa but i believe he's in a much better place, and i'm praying your flight will be so awesome (as ours was!! a nice surprise!)

enjoy your trip, despite the funeral.

love you.

bed frame said...

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melissa marie said...

stephertons, i'm sorry to hear about your grandpa. i actually really liked all of my grandparents funerals, because you can hear about how awesome they were.

and those pants are so rad--and seem like an appropriate segueway to me telling you i started making you a gift to give you when asher was born, and i think i'm really going to struggle to get it done by our party. so no worries about timing!

i'm so excited to see you! woo!

Smiths said...

I'm sorry to hear about Grandpa. If you need anything while in the Utah area- ride, place to stay, entertainment, sewing machine... let me know. You know the number :)

echo said...

wait, will i get to see you before you go? i get back monday night.

Tara said...

i am catching up on my blogging tonight. i have missed soo much! :(

really wanting to make a quiet book like the one that was posted. so cute. your house looks so beautiful, but really, i didn't expect anything less from you.

hope you are enjoying your family time. ((HUGS))