16 September 2010

if you're happy and you know it...

Happy School is starting again. We have it all planned out. We even bought the coolest workbooks ever. Seriously they are rad.

It is fun.

Even if you start out the day making them watch something "educational" so you can finish getting ready.

Even if it is always hard on the three-year-old who has to share his mom, sibling(s), all his toys (even the "special" ones...), and snacks for at least two whole hours.

Even if little brothers desperately want to be overly involved in every aspect of the Happy School fun.

Even if it just means they are the saboteur of Happy School. Little brothers will take what they can get.

In the end we are still HAPPY!

Well, most of the time anyway... :)

If not happy at least cute.



Matti said...

Hahaha! I love it!! What adoreable photos....I'm so glad you posted these so I can steal 'em.

echo said...

i LOVE happy school!!!

liko said...

i'm so glad i got to be part of happy school for a day!!!
i'll take what i can get, too!

love ya.

and i'm curious to know what educational video they are all being captivated by...

ashley said...

happy 4 happy school! yeah! ivy was so sad today when i told her she didn't have it today.

and yes, i had a pic of my house up, but some man made me take it off till i go private. oh boy.