30 September 2010

movin' on up

This is what campus looks like as I leave for home each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I come home to two happy kids and a busy daddy. Actually, I wrote about it in my journal a week or so ago:

"Sometimes when I come home from teaching I feel like Cher in the movie Mermaids. You know the scene where she comes home from work to find Lou her boyfriend and her kids putting home-cooked food on the table, talking excitedly about all the wholesome and productive things they've done, laughing at inside jokes...yeah, that's how I feel except I'm not offended like Cher. I'm just pleased that it's all gone so well and in awe of this man I married. Bows and arrows are made, kids eating healthy, exhausted from active, imaginative play, inside joke giggles and dirt streaked faces... all pointing to the fact that we all get to fill many important roles in life and love each other and we are all gonna be just fine."

I hope you'll forgive the Cher comparison in there. I wrote it in my personal journal but just thought it fit here because I just recently got the most exciting phone call.

I got asked to move up to teaching two sections of ENG201. I felt so honored that they would even ask me, but sick to my stomach that the class times would be SMACK in the middle of the day. When I calculated everything out I realized that I would be away from my babies from 1-5PM Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and while I recognize that I sound like a big baby to all my full-time working Mama friends... this would be a huge change for our little family and one that I frankly felt uncomfortable with.

Even a couple working friends I mentioned it to protectively reiterated to me, "Steph, you gotta think about this. That's 1-5. That's a huge chunk of your day with your kids."

And I would get that crater-in-the-pit-of-my-stomach feeling all over again.

"I know," I would gulp with a warbly voice.

I knew it was a big deal to teach these classes and we could definitely definitely use the money (like, not for nicer clothes and fancier cars... like for paying off things and other necessities)....

So I called my supervisor to thank her and tell her I had my in-laws to watch my kids at those times and my husband to fill in where he could, but that I felt sick about it.

And you know what? Sometimes life just has a way of working itself out. She said she thought something had changed in the schedule and would call me back. One call later I was suddenly back to my perfect schedule I work now with less time in between classes which means even less time spent away from home!

Can you believe it?

Me neither.

But now I am left smiling and choosing 5-6 novels and plays I want to teach next semester in ENG201 and loving it!

I shouldn't be surprised, but truly, if you listen to that little voice inside of you that tells you something is not right it will never lead you astray.

Everyone knows the needs of their family and everyone can receive answers for their own family.

I know that's true and I'm grateful!


echo said...


sheila said...

good things happen to good people.
Awesome news!

melissa marie said...

now it's confession time: when you started your first teaching semester i was SO SO jealous. and i don't get jealous much. like never. but i cried when i read your post about it! really. nate was a little confused but i was just really really jealous. now, however, i'm just TOTALLY HAPPY FOR YOU! it sounds like the PERFECT job, and i'm so glad they love you and want you. congratulations.

and way to follow that feeling. half the time i can't tell if i'm just being a chicken or if it's "that feeling," so i'm glad it worked out.

Melissa said...

so glad! i love this new song

laurel said...

Congratulations Stephanie! That is wonderful! You have every reason to be very proud!

laurel said...

P.S. A guy in my class drinks green smoothies and because I was curious about them he brought me one in class the other day. As of right now I am currently drinking a green smoothie for the third day in a row. So easy, and I feel so good about myself! Plus, we have TONS of fresh spinach in our garden!

Kahilau said...

You truly are amazing in every way! How great is that story. You are my hero!

liko said...

i love when things work out like that!! and yes, i feel sick when i think about the looong hours i work.
and yay for you!!! soon you'll be dean!! love ya!!
and i work tues and wed now but if you ever need me on my off days, seriously, do not hesitate. i still got you as an emergency contact for malik.

Diana said...

liko wins best comment for "soon you'll be dean." ha. not that i'd be surprised. you are amazing. can i just applaud your motivated/non-lazy attitude about prepping for your classes? you KNOW i'd be all, "and then i have to pick 5 novels, can you believe that?" in a super whiny voice.

the Lord always comes through. i'm so glad he's taking care of friends i love so dearly.

Mariko said...

You're doing so well. I can see that they love you over there.

I feel like that too-- Like, I know my kids are going to be fine and watched by my husband next semester, but I still feel sick about it. Probably someone up there realizes I'm not the most patient momma, though, and I'm probably a little nicer when I come home. Probably (unless I get some buggers at school).

boo face mcjones said...

WHAT A BLESSING!!! And a well-earned one at that! Congratulations, friend! Teaching literature is THE DREAM.

And I know the sick feeling, but you will never get what you want unless you're wiling to be honest about it with others. Glad to hear it worked out for you.

melissa marie said...

oh, and no one has mentioned that it's awesome that you compared yourself to cher. who does that!? xxoo

Brady and Rachel said...

WOW! AWESOME STEPH!! When you are faithful you will be blessed! Thanks for sharing that example and all you've been working on in the past while! So glad you are receiving such awesome blessings! :)