22 September 2010

reading reading reading

We have been all about reading lately. I already mentioned that I am in the second book of Nephi in the BOM and LOVING it!

We are also deep into the Book of Mormon Stories with Ambrose and you should have seen his face last night when we read about Ammon cutting off all those arms..... awesome.

Today it is raining and pouring so Ambrose and I finished Flat Stanley- the little chapter book version.

Now he can't wait for our usual Thursday library excursion to see if they have: Stanley, Flat Again!

Also, a neighbor dropped off this:

and a friend recommended this for our little monthly book club:

And both were fun, short reads and not something I would read everyday so I liked the variety. Young Adult Literature is awesome because you get to feel all super smart that you can swallow a book whole in a matter of hours. Plus the plots and imagery are usually a good time.

And, of course, I have been reading for my classes I teach. Our first essay was Barbara Kingsolver's Somebody's Baby and I had so much to say about it that I had to make a mental note before starting each class to give everyone a chance to talk!

Check it out here. I know you'll have a lot to say about it too if you are a mother, or a father, if you have ever been on an airplane with a crying child, if you are a member of a community with children, if you were ever once a child yourself.... so basically everyone. Great essay Barb.

Today I'm having them discuss our next essay by Harriet Jacobs called The Women about how favorite female slaves were treated by their masters. Very interesting and heartbreaking.

If you are of the geeky English persuasion this will be nothing new to you, but isn't Eats, Shoots & Leaves hilarious!?!

I've been hacking away at that one over the last month or so. I'll just pick it up for a good, hard laugh. This fact alone leads me to believe that I am, in fact, a gigantic nerd. I'm OK with that.

Read any good books lately?


Diana said...

dear steph, wrong blog...hahahhahahaha jk. so what if i'm most interested in the twilight novella????

stephanie joy said...

seriously man. i need to copy paste this into the true book blog. just thought i'd put somethin literary up in here * cricket cricket* hahaha

iMaLLheaRt said...

I LOVE reading and I LOVE that I can read on my iTouch for free. That is besides the point. I really want to read the Eats book but I don't know if I'm smart enough to understand all of it. Maybe I should just ask you for help. I'll have to borrow it sometime.
I'm in charge of our ward RS book club and we read "The Hunger Games". So far everyone has liked it. I know it's super trendy but it's so interesting and I think you'll like it. Plus I believe it's YA fiction so you'll like that you can plow right through it.
And I'm still trying to get through all the Ender's Saga Books but I keep getting distracted.
if I think of anything else, I'll let you know and hopefully vice versa...
wow. this is super long but there you have it! Have a super day/night!

Me said...

Did you know that the Hawaii library system does not have a single copy of Eats, Shoots and Leaves?? I have read the picture book version with my kids, but I wanted to read the adult version.

melissa marie said...

thanks for linking to babs' essay. i liked it.

my cousin brought the thought of us living in such a non-community-type time recently, too. we're all pretty secluded these days. (however, i have to say, inferring what i have from your blog, your hawaii neighbors are MUCH more of a community than mine are here.)

Carrie said...

Can you please do a whole post on that essay so you can say all the things you wanted to say to your class? I loved it, and especially when I went back and read the title again. Magnificent.

The Tesimales said...

Stephanie can I be in your book club? I love book clubs that get me reading. I've always wanted to read eats shoot and leaves but never gotten a copy. I bet I'd love it too. I really like grammar. Ha