20 September 2010

finding the balance

I feel like our life as the Robertson family is taking this new path all of a sudden and it's not necessarily a bad thing. Just different.

(photo by Thomas)
My mom will call and ask me about things I blog about and then don't follow-up on so to fill in the blanks:

*My feet are not great still, but doing better now that I am aware of how to walk and run. Who knew I was pounding my heels into the ground step-by-step? Not unaware me.... I talked to the cross-country Coach on campus and he referred me to this:

And slowly with runs on the beach and grassy areas my feet are changing! I am very aware of HOW I run now and it has made a world of difference. Very exciting. I mentioned it a little on here, but watch the video for the whole story and then check-out Jade with barefootrunning.com - she has so many informative videos on youtube. Love her.

Oh! and the good news is teaching was it's old, fun, enlightening self today. Whew. I love the class discussions and seeing light bulbs go on over enthusiastic heads. Love it.

My kids are growing and changing so much.
Ambrose is all potty-trained and it seems to work better for all of us that he is getting more daddy time during the day. Thomas is very good with him and it is shocking to me that his personality is blossoming more with this new two-parent tagteam routine we have going. Part of me feels a little sad, like, oh man I just wasn't patient enough... and the other part of me feels extremely lucky that we are truly a joint partnership in raising these boys. We are all enjoying this time more than I could have hoped for.

Asher is hilarious. He has gotten pretty sassy. Also, I think he wants to be involved in all this potty training because he comes up to me several times a day now (sometimes with a clean diaper in hand) and smacks his diaper area to let me know if it is even the slightest bit wet. It is so funny! I hope this means he will be super easy to potty train, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

And lastly, I am LOVING the resolution I made to dig into the scriptures. I am in the second book of Nephi now and it is delicious to me. Many Mormons will know what I am talking about when I say that I feel like Parley P. Pratt.... except that eating has never been a burden.... I can eat and read.

Anyway, life is a whirl of domesticity, literature and language, and getting down and silly with the kids. That's the family update for now.

ps- do you love the new header of our house? Thomas, of course, made it. It looks really cool on our Mac, but was too long for the screen on my PC at work.... thus proving that Macs really are cooler?? :)


liko said...

i am itching to get a mac. i'm trying to convince doug.

and sounds like things are all good on the robertson front.

and did i ever thank you for sharing that delicious bread of yours?? i think i need to convince doug we need one of those, too. but then i might eat too much of it.

Mariko said...

I'm so glad your feet are feeling better. And I love the new header. And potty training (for now) is over. Isn't the world just better when that is?

echo said...

a big thumbs up to the robertson fam. you guys are great!

melissa marie said...

the header still looks cool on my dumb work pc, too.

Matti said...

Haha! Your comment about Macs was funny...so sweet that things are going well for your family. I love that things are going better with more Daddy time for the boys. And thanks for the video on barefoot running. I have been intrigued by that for a long time. One day a LOOOONg time ago, I ran about a half mile barefoot and loved it. Since then I have been wanting to do it again. Now that I have watched the science of it, it makes sence. I have never found a running shoe I loved. Maybe I'll actually get back into running again now. Swimming is great...but I miss running. ANd I gotta get me tht book of mormon book. I am jealous that you are already on 2nd Nephi and I still haven't started!

stephanie joy said...

oh matild! i am in second nephi of the regular BOM- sorry should have clarified. we are learning about limhi and ammon in the kids one. fun times :)

sheila said...

happy post!
the new header was the first thing I saw. I like it. It gives me a peak in your house (which I still want to come over and take a tour)
and yes, mac's are cool.

iMaLLheaRt said...

one day I will get a mac and be cool like you.
I just need to get back into running. period.
tomorrow. :P