06 October 2010

ambrose has a cool grandma

Two of them actually, but we happen to live by this one and the boy wanted an apple/cherry tree costume and what Ambrose wants....

Grandma undoubtedly knows how to make.

He's been insisting that he will be an apple/cherry tree for Halloween for a long time now. I'm tempted to use this creation as his actual Halloween costume since it's exactly what he wants, but since it rains and pours most Halloweens around here I know I'll need to make a non-paper version for the big night.

Any suggestions? Felt? Real wood? heh heh Maybe I'll just do brown pants, a green shirt, and lots and lots of leaves glued on or something... and apples and cherries too. Naturally.

Anyway, these boys are pretty lucky.

(In case you're wondering Asher is going to be a Christmas Elf. He just looks like one right?)


melissa marie said...

maybe i'll make calvin a paper costume like that. since we won't be trick or treating much.

kimball said...

It is nice to see Linda's house without all your stuff stacked in the tv room. Love the tree costume.

stephanie joy said...

oh so he is named calvin for sure?!?! love it!

dad- yes, the robertsons reclaimed their space and then we come in and take it over with crafty endeavors :)

laurel said...

Oh my gosh, cutests picture of little Asher EVER! I want to eat that little boy right up!! Of course Ambrose is darling too.

Matti said...

Ha ha...so cute! Me and Ambrose must be on the same wave length cause just yesterday I was thinking I might dress Tex like a tree. ;-) What a great grandma.

As far as the costume goes...what if you just use the one you have...but laminate it. Just take it up to BYU, and vuala!

liko said...

so many ways to do a tree. just a matter of narrowing it down and keeping it simple.
and grandmas rock.
very cute tree and elf you got there.
and someone actually suggested we be the family on the incredibles. i just want to barf at the thought of me in spandex like that.
it's just soooo not even gonna happen.

Brady and Rachel said...

That is AWESOME! apple/cherry tree, LOVE IT! All I hear is that my boys want to be transformers. apple/cherry tree, I think that is AWESOME!

Meg said...

I love this! So awesome! I like the idea of doing the brown pants and green shirt. I would just make a bunch of leaves and apples and sew them on with a few stitches so that you could snip them off easy when it's over. Little stuffed apples and leaves would be so cute! What a creative kid you have. Can't wait to see what you come up with.