07 October 2010

does your thursday look like this?

I used to absolutely HATE Thursdays.

Thomas has to leave EARLY every Thursday morning to run his team meeting and then he doesn't usually get back til late late late because he has band practice and no offense friends and fans of UY, I love the band, but that was a long day to play circus entertainer to two wild monkeys all by my lonesome. For me at least. I know military wives, single parents, and many others who do much longer hours more frequently than me.

But for us, Thursdays were the day to just get through.

Being away from my home three times a week to teach two classes has changed my outlook significantly.

I don't want to take on "extras". Any of them.

I am finding lately that any chance I get to be with the kiddos, for better or for worse (i.e.- huge tantrum in the middle of the errand swirl we all suffered through this afternoon), is PRECIOUS to me. I just want to be home. All the time.

Even if Thursday gets a little long and blurry:

It's that sit around, stay-at-home, and see them slowly grow-up before your very eyes feeling that I want to savor. Life is happening too quickly all of a sudden and I never want to be "too busy" to nurture and teach because they once looked like this:

and not even that long ago.

Time is flying. I've gotta enjoy every chance I get to be with these fascinating creatures.


Smiths said...

I'm finally learning to savor the moments instead of surviving. I think it's a sign of growing up. Finally, some perspective on this blurry time of life...

liko said...

two entire days away from my kiddos in a row make me feel this way too.
so when there are girls nights or anything "extra", i choose my family time over that these days.
and i feel a little better about being a working mom. even though the guilt is still there.
but it's how we spend the time we DO have with them that counts, right??

lizzie said...

I feel the same way about Thursdays . . . or have felt the same way. Now Thursdays are the first day we have to take a breath around here.

Your photos are inspiring me to get out the camera more in everyday moments. I love them.

Megan said...

Cute babies!!!

You will never believe that I actually created a blog to help document my own baby on the way. We'll see how it goes!

Mariko said...

This is exactly how I feel when I'm working. No one really sees me when I'm working and I am entirely unsociable. This is probably why I don't know anyone. I just want to stay home when I'm not at school! I'm starting to realize it might be good to get out of the house once in a while now that I've been home for a few months now.

I'm glad you picked Persepolis.

Patria said...

yep, i totally get this. i feel wholly antisocial at this time in my life, but outside of work, i rarely do anything unrelated to family time. it's just not fun for me to be doing anything else during those times. your blog articulates that well and it's one of the few i find my way back to! (:

echo said...

i love that little asher has some meat on those cheeks.