08 October 2010

terrifying tissue

My sisters and I used to make these every year when we were little. Ambrose and I made some today.

Can you even tell which ones the three year old scrunched up his face quizzically to twist and tape?

Me neither really.

Ah the beauty of crafting with toilet paper.


liko said...

simple and festive.


sheila said...

very cute. We have some tissue ghosts flying around our house too. Our homes must be haunted.

Megan and Keli'i said...

Um, three things: love your alliteration and Radio Head? Good choice, friend. Don't leave me high. And last, dang cute tissues. That's a craft that even I could actually do.

Taylor said...

my fam made these too, except with tootsie roll pops and gave them out to trick or treaters.

echo said...