14 October 2010

i'm the worst

Did you know that people made aprons this summer and since I don't ever sew for some reason anymore I neglected our super superior society and let their accomplishments go unmentioned. Shame.

But, if you will refer to your society invitations, you will note fair warning that although this is not an exclusive society it is in fact elusive. Maybe I didn't say those exact words, but something like, "or you can fall through the cracks entirely..." because remember we are "cool like that"?

I'm the worst. Sorry.

So anyway, I really don't mean to apologize because blog apologies always confuse me. I just assume people have other things to do if they aren't blogging. Such is the case here.

On with the show!

Katina made the cutest little boy apron for her cute cute little boy and she tells us about it here!

Robin made this sweet smock:

Seriously cool.

And although she never gave me permission to do so..... my cute cousin Joanna made this gem from a vintage pillowcase:

If she can forgive me for bossing her and all the other girl cousins around as a child I'm sure she'll forgive me for posting her photos without consent.

I feel as though I am missing some more? Sorry. I really am the worst.

And then there are all the spotlights people kindly sent me that have been sitting in my gmail sewing folder for months upon months. I say it's time to get those going again.

I need to cover some kitchen chairs in leather or vinyl, I need to make Asher a trick-or-treat bag to match Ambrose's, and I am itching to make that family quilt I've had the fabric for for like forever.

Maybe it's the Project Runway talking (I love you Mondo!) but I think I'm about to do some sewing. Grab a needle and join in will ya.


liko said...

oh my. i forgot all about the apron. mine is cut and ready to be sewn, covered with dust next to my machine.
so sad.
love these that you posted!!
go sewing society peeps!!

Joanna said...
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Joanna said...

oh my, what an honor!

and who says i forgave you for being bossy? JK JK i don't even remember being bossed :)

good luck with your sewing projects!

kimball said...

I need you to clean up your space.

Melissa said...

Oooh mondo! I can't wait to see his runway show!

Don't worry I totally didn't make an apron, I have many excuses tho.:)

I did however get a beautiful new sewing machine and have been sewing all sorts of things with it, I can't stop! The difference between a singer and a bernina is mind blowing! Needless to say I LLLLLLOOOOOVVVVEEEEE it!

Carrie said...

kimball up there made me gafaw out loud.

just look at those sassy darts on you cousin's and that fab embroidery! i too intended to embroider, but alas, mine is also in pieces waiting for me.