17 October 2010

ladies of the society! i give you our silent partner.

1. Name: Lorie
(You can also find her photo blog here.)

2. Favorite type of sewing project: Any and all. I'm really into hand embroidering right now. It's something short and sweet that I stitch while I'm watching tv with the hubs at night.

3. City you currently reside in: Bakosville =)

4. Hometown: Bakosville (which is a pet name for Bakersfield, CA represent!! woot woot)

5. Family stats: one hubs (HA) and two mini men. Henry is 2.5, Ben is 8 months (GASP, my baby can NOT be the old. shutter) (Another side note- that baby is at least a year now... that's how slow I've been to post these. Shame. Here's the FABULOUSLY crafty party she pulled off for his first birthday. You'll die over the sheer perfection and homestyle, yet modern fall creativity of it all. I know I did.)

6. Machine you sew with: the $100 Kenmore special from Sears 5 years ago. Which was also the last time I was actually in a Sears. My machine needs updating. Pronto. I have a little envelope I'm saving up for a new one.

7. Picture of the project you are currently working on: Gah. I have many. But hey, maybe you all can help me out with this one. I'm stuck on what to do. I'm in MAJOR pillow mode right now. Which flower looks better in the center? The doily flower? Or is that too much doily? Or the orange velvet? Or the green floral? Thoughts? I think I'm over thinking it. (Uhhhh, you probably already finished this. I am the worst. Ok, let's just put the pics up for kicks shall we?)

Also working on a double sided cover for the top of Henry's train table. On one side I'm doing a town with streets for his cars and trucks. On the opposite side will be space with planets and such because his train set is actually a "space" train set complete with aliens and robots =)

8. Project you are happy with: (Even REALLY happy with. We'll take that too.) I love to make things for people I love. My favorite COMPLETED project of late was a birthday book for my bf's baby boy who is now ONE. I'm really proud of how the whole thing turned out.

9. Do you have an etsy site? What is it?: Yes I do. But it's seriously lacking in loot right now. I have a ton of quilt tops sewn, just not all put together. Here it is!

10. What fabric are you currently drooling over?: It's hard to find, but it's the mustard lotus by Amy Butler (pictured in the all the pillow pictures). I keep buying it up on Ebay. But I also really really really love this. I like REALLY love rain. And all things rain related. So these umbrellas are calling my name =)

11. Sewing project you would most like to attempt but are admittedly frightened of or just need to learn more about: I would LOVE to sew my own clothes. Not all of them. But I would love to attempt a great dress or a great skirt.

12. Favorite online crafty blog that you draw a lot of inspiration from: I check Cakies daily. I LOVE Frenchie & Flea. Smile and Wave might just be my new favorite. But ebbing in real close is the adorable Elise. Seriously, scroll down to look at her wedding. Gray and Orange? GAH. ADORABLE.

13. What sewing purchase are you saving your precious pennies for?: A new machine. Something that can actually sew and not just chew my projects to bits. Not sure what I'm going to buy though.

14. Online tutorial you plan to attempt: Nothing in particular right now. I'm mid-wedding season right now and don't have any plans to do any major sewing in the next month. (Remember she's a photog.)

15. When and how did you learn to sew?: My mom sort of taught me when I was youngish. Like junior high maybe? Pre-sewing I used to hot glue clothes together for my stuff animals. (side note: does anybody else have a life long love affair with hot glue like I do? I even love the smell of it. Yes, I'm weird.) But it's mostly all self-taught.

16. Your biggest sewing disaster story (picture if you have would be entertaining): I don't have any pictures (thank God). But when I first got married I thought (dumby) that it would be cute and chic and cheaper (double dumby) to buy a dozen cute cloth napkins to sew together to make a shower curtain for our apartment. It was horrible. Horrible horrible horrible. It never got finished and never got close to being hung. =)

17. Favorite sewing book: I don't really have a favorite sewing book. With sewing, I am much more inspired by the people around me and all the blogs out there. Oh and Etsy. HUGE on inspiration, that place.

18. Sewing hero you look up to: Same as my crafty blog inspirations. Oh, and one of my BF's. Davi has such ways of putting things together, or visualizing things that I never could. She inspires me ALL. The. Time.

19. Anything else that would be interesting or funny or lame or sa-weeeeet to share with all your society pals: I've always had a dream to be a fashion designer. I wanted to go away to the Rhode Island School of Design and Merchandising. My mom laughed at me and wouldn't even sign the application form. I don't blame her. And my life would not be what it is and where it is if I had gone away to the East Coast. But I still dream of owning a little boutique full of whimsical, romantic clothes and knicky knacky vintage stuff. Think Anthro, but on a smaller, less expensive scale.

20. If you could nominate yourself for an officer in this most prestigious society- what would your title be?: I would be the silent partner. Not silent because I'm quiet (Lord KNOWS I've never been that) but because I'm not ON your island, so I'm a remote "investor" if you will. Someone who stops in every once in awhile to see what's going on, but not all that involved because they have 14 other ventures they're working on at the same time. =)


stephanie joy said...

the shower curtain story killed me a little. maybe a lot. i love you lorie!

Carrie said...

I hope you went with the orange velvet. I'm velvet obsessed though. :)

lorieloo said...

haha. I haven't even been on my blog in a week and scrolled through yours and started cracking up. I had COMPLETELY forgotten about it.

And um, the pillow? Still in pieces. ;)