19 October 2010

today feels like christmas time

I'll take what I can get.

And then I'll wear a Christmasy shirt all day.

And be happy all day even if I have bad hair.

Dear Hawaii,

I love you, but would it kill you to give us at least one good wintery Christmas and while you're at it why do you make me give up on trying when it comes to hair, make-up, and personal appearance in general. It's just no fun blow-drying, but doing hair in humidity? A losing battle.

We can still be friends though. I will love and hate you for years to come. And look very homely as I do so. I've made peace with that.




star said...

I've been in the Christmas mood for weeks now. I think it's because I'm trying to get all my Christmassy stuff done before E comes so we can just sit back and enjoy being a family of 4 this year.

Oh, and I know what you mean about trying to dry your hair in Hawaii. Ugh and what's the point? A messy bun will do just fine.

lizzie said...

It almost feels like Christmas here, too. Mostly because I'm baking. :)

I relate about the humidity/homeliness. That's why I moved to New York. I only have to deal with it four months out of the year.

ps waygtmtbwyb?
(when are you going to move to brooklyn where you belong?)

echo said...


Me said...

At least we can all be homely together, while we lament the lack of a wintery Christmas season.

liko said...

haha!! since making friends with you gals, ya'll have actually inspired me to take better care of myself and appearance. you're all so cute and put-together looking. i ain't kidding. and my hair has been doing this uh-noying frizzy thing that really makes me avoid looking into mirrors because i'll just end up disappointed.
so when you write things like this, i think it's silly you complain because you look great!!
but i totally agree with you on the weather. totally. but you're just asking for tons of rain, you know. i'll take the rain if it comes with cooler temps.

laurel said...

I just plain miss Hawaii.