28 October 2010

it's getting closer.....

Happy Halloween!
And I am not really ready.

Ambrose has changed his mind on what he wants to be about ten times. I think he is settled on pirate, which is hilarious since he was that for his first Halloween and that was three costumes ago and he might be wearing the same costume with a new hat and some drawn on facial hair..... the pants are just capris now. Ahhhh the benefits of buying a costume that was a little too big for an already chubby baby. Good investment.

Can you believe that is AMBROSE!?!?!?!?! Me neither. I might have just shed a few tears and laughed at the same time like a crazy.

Anyway, he's wearing that at age three and a half and it looks pretty awesome on him. Thanks to Old Navy for having that good sale way back when.

Who knows, maybe he'll come up with five more costumes before the weekend.

And Asher? I'm still thinking Christmas Elf.

It just suits him don't ya think? Only problem is the stores don't have a lot of Santa hats or jingle bells for sale right now... which I find odd because all these years when I haven't needed them they seem to be out in July or some early month like that. Oh well, we will make something happen and it will be fun!

Can't wait to scam the boys into handing over some of that trick-or-treat loot! Just another bonus of being the mother of small children. It's an action packed job so we take our perks when we can!


Nate and Julie said...

Nate was the grinch for the ward party last week. Dollar tree had their Christmas stuff out weeks ago so I was able to score him a hat. Keep looking, I'm sure the Christmas stuff will appear soon enough. Asher will be such a cute little elf!

stephanie joy said...

oh oh oh- why didn't i think dollar store?!?! brilliant cousin. BRILLIANT!

liko said...

store-bought.all.the.way. this year.

saved myself some time.

maybe now i can whip something up for myself??

don't hold your breath or anything...

Melissa said...

ahhh sweet chubby, baby ambrose!

so funny I was thinking about making Noah an elf, because that is what his grandma calls him, with his big ears! But i probably wont do anything for him...too lazy!

I made Kaiya a Dorothy dress though :)

sheila said...

LOVE the elf idea.
And the pirate... chubby pirates are the best. But one with capri style pants are good too!
What about you?
(I crack up reading your labels for each post!-Keoni will be taking the PB cups and I'll be taking anything chewy and fruity aka starbursts. YUM!)

boo face mcjones said...

OH my goodness. That smile on baby Ambrose's face is riDONKulous. It made me panic a little bit to realize how quickly he has grown up. Oh no, could it happen to me too? AHHH!!!

Luke said...

love it! pirates totally rocked capris, so he is golden.
target had some christmas stuff out the other day too!

and, i feel like its been years since i caught up with you- i have seen ya but not really! i miss you my dear steph!

Natalie said...

I am dying over baby Ambrose. He looks so much the same, but different at the same time. :)

Matti said...

oh my goodness...I can't believe that's Ambrose.