21 October 2010

ladies of the society! i give you our resident seam pinker.

1. Name: Meg (it's really Meagan, but please don't call me that) Nicole (Knudsen) Thomander

2. Favorite type of sewing project: Kids stuff, or household projects

3. City you currently reside in: Hau'ula, Hawaii

4. Hometown: Park City, Utah

5. Family stats: 1 husband, 1 girl baby, 1 boy baby

6. Machine you sew with: Basic Kenmore, given to me by my mom as a wedding present

7. Picture of the project you are currently working on: Just finished the Warhol Dress from Made, but I am making another one in black and white gingham. We will see how it turns out!

8. Picture of a finished project you are happy with: (Even REALLY happy with. We'll take that too.) Woodland house for a birthday gift. I had fun making it, and I made it up, so I am proud.

9. Do you have an etsy site? Yes What is it? Indie Pop Shop There isn't anything posted right now. I will get on it when I am adjusted to having two kids, scouts honor! Once upon a time there were custom silhouette pillows for sale.

10. What fabric are you currently drooling over?: Alexander Henry Canyon Butterfly, I want to make roman shades out of it in the kids new room. It is cuter in person.

11. Sewing project you would most like to attempt but are admittedly frightened of or just need to learn more about: Clothing for myself. I guess I just figure it wont turn out, or will fit funny.

12. Favorite online crafty blog that you draw a lot of inspiration from: purlbee and made

13. What sewing purchase are you saving your precious pennies for?: a serger and a high end fancy sewing machine

14. Online tutorial you plan to attempt: cozy car caddy tutorial

15. When and how did you learn to sew?: When I got married my mom gave me a sewing machine, so about 5 years ago. I just kind of taught myself, but recently took a beginning sewing, and advanced sewing class at BYUH, with some fellow sewing society pals.

16. Your biggest sewing disaster story: The Aloha Shirt from Advanced Sewing Class. Not that I didn't sew it well, it's just that I despise the shirt. I still haven't finished it, and I have no desire to finish it. Sadly, all it needs are button holes and some hemming!

17. Favorite sewing book: Not necessarily my all time favorite, but definitely a good one...Cute Stuff by Aranzi Aronzo

18. Sewing hero you look up to: My Mom. She can figure out any sewing project and sews so perfectly and precisely. She is the master!

19. Anything else that would be interesting or funny or lame or sa-weeeeet to share with all your society pals: It ruins my sewing day when the bobbin runs out, I genuinely dislike taking the time to rewind it. I love to pink seams. It is practical and looks cool.

20. If you could nominate yourself for an officer in this most prestigious society- what would your title be?: The Resident Seam Pinker (is that a word?)


stephanie joy said...

pretty sure Meg is a big time sewing hero of mine- and i would guess many others around here too! oh yeah and poor thomas never got his aloha shirt either. just needs buttons and hemming too but i just can't do it. it's wadded up in a big ball of failure in my sewing closet. haha! maybe someday.... loved that class though. fun times.

thanks for sending this in pal!

liko said...

meg is the bomb.
'nuff said.
i admire and am in awe of everything you make.
they are cute and well-made.

Anna K. said...

Yay for Meg!!!! I am so gonna make that cozy car caddy. Delmer is obsessed with cars!!!!!

Meg said...

I love that you do these spotlights! Such talented ladies! I love that little house, so adorable.

TanuvasaCasa said...

So really, what is seam pinking about??? I've always been so curious.

stephanie joy said...

I included a link to it on her last answer- or maybe second to last.