22 October 2010

here's the outside

Today Ambrose and I went inside. We moved silently room to room with members of our faith and other interested parties all pressing forward and driven by a feeling of serenity, and calm, and a soothing, direct whisper that I have missed in my life.

So much has happened personally while the temple has been closed for renovations that I feel like the temple and I can face each other after much refining and a few setbacks better than we ever were before.

Focused, changed, and ready to move forward.

After the open house I walked home hand-in-hand with Ambrose and whispered, "How did you feel inside the temple buddy? Was it pretty in there?"

"I felt happy even inside my bones," he admitted.

"Oh me too," I agreed. "Me too."

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liko said...

love amby's description.
and this is my favorite primary song.
we all go tomorrow at 11:30.
i'm so excited!!!

Kahilau said...

wow, I am crying, how I wish we could be there as well to feel happy to our bones. What a faith sustaining experience to take your little guy on. Way to go!

sheila said...

Well said Ambrose!
We just went through it today too. It was A-MAZ-ING.
Cant wait to go there many more times to come.

Matti said...

most beautiful description ever.

Rhitzclan said...

So tender. Out of the mouths of babes.

.Ang. said...

I love this.

he is so sweet!

and the Temple is beautiful. I loved every inch of it!

Bitty said...

that's how I feel too. Thanks for this post

Christina said...

What a great description! Is the inside very different or just updated?

stephanie joy said...

It's pretty different but still recognizable. So gorgeous!