03 November 2010

2 more projects ladies and gents!

But honestly probably more ladies than gents. My husband, dad, and father-in-law may take an occasional gander at the blog... wouldn't want them to feel left out.


We've had two more pictures texted in of the pillow variety from:

Anna Kessie in Washington (suddenly I am very worried you are actually in Oregon. What kind of friend am I Anna dear?? Forgive me. I should know this.) who has some dashing pillows in progress!

I absolutely love a bright orangey-red paired with a vintagey blue and what a fantastic print. Well done society sister.

Matti Parker in Hawaii is so clever she is giving new life to some old (but still good) pillows:

and they are sparkling white now! We should have a whole entry on refurbishing old favorites. It is something I definitely want to know more about and love the idea of. Great job Matild. No, that's not her real name. Just my pet name for her because she is Ambrose's favorite person. He said so this morning and made me call her so he could tell her. I would have been sad that he didn't pick ME as his fave, but it was all too cute.

Great ideas friends! I think we are all cool.

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Matti said...

I wish my pillows were as cute as Anna's...but it is nice to be able to confidenly take a photo of my uncovered pillows to be posted on the WWW. And Ambrose just made my day this morning. Just remember, while I might be his favorite person (at that moment in time)...you are his favorite Mommy I am sure. Mommy and people fall into different categories in the mind of a 3 year old. ;-)