02 November 2010

what are you working on?

I always have a stack of things that are in progress. Remember these?

I just remembered them. I want to finish these this month for sure.

I asked some society members to text me a picture of projects they are working on and here's what I got:
Angie Takahashi in Hawaii has got this cool wallet in the works. Nice pockets! I like the simple style of the fabric too.

Ashley Moffat in Hawaii always has some awesomely pieced quilt in the works. Love the fabrics! I wonder if this is for her new little Lola girl.

Bille Gniewosz in California made these seat belt strap covers for her daughter Nico's car seat. I love personal touches like this. It hardly crosses my mind to make something everyday, like a car seat, echo your personal style. Very cool!

Darcie Sanders in Utah whipped this up for her son Kjell and I love it! Darcie is also a master cake maker. (As if you didn't already know because she's all over the Internet these days and for good reason!)

Echo Allred in Hawaii started this cool table-top play house a while back and the kids (mine included) are crazy about it! She keeps adding awesome stuff to it. Such a good idea!

Liko Miller in Hawaii sent me a picture of her work-in-progress apron from the apron challenge. I love the home-iness feeling the fabric and cut give. We should have an apron party someday. All two or three of us who get it done! haha :)

Linda Robertson in Hawaii started the awesome tradition of making Christmas quilts for her grand kids. This is the start of Ambrose's quilt. She hand-quilts each one with special embellishments in the design and they are very beautiful. They're so nice I may not let Ambrose get near his with a ten-foot pole until he's thirty or something.

Meg Thomander in Hawaii made this adorable dress for her daughter Indie. She said it just needs the buttons and hemming. Reminds me of a couple of almost finished projects I have needing the same thing. SO CLOSE!

Rachel Whetton in Oregon has been working on this cute little number for her daughter Bailey. This picture and Meg's remind me that I need to have a girl someday. Big time.

Shauna White in Texas has a project in it's infancy going on. Some fabric for curtains or embellishments in her little girl's rooms. I have some curtain fabric just sitting around too Shauna! Let's have a curtain making party!

Sheila Rich in Hawaii has a new house being built and I can't wait to see it all done because I know it's going to be ultra stylish! She's got a few projects in the works for home and family and it all starts with some good fabric.

Stefani Jorgensen in Hawaii is taking some of her old shirts and making adorable dresses for her girls out of them. I LOVE re-purposing great fabrics and these are totally hip.

She's also about to start a seafoam green vinyl handbag with houndstooth lining. Great color choices!

I love seeing what people are working on. Everyone is so talented! It gets me all inspired to finish up my almost-there projects and dream up the next fun creations!

What are YOU working on?


melissa marie said...

how fun. i totally pretended i didn't get your text because i wanted to send you pictures, but i have nothing in progress. these all look really cool. and make me want to start something so i will have something in progress.

Christina said...

So neat! I'm going to be starting some pj's for the kids soon.

Smiths said...

What am I working on? Loaded question. Mostly working on getting to the point in new mommying where I can have projects beyond dishes, bedtimes, laundry... I love seeing the creativity and look forward to the day when....

Henke Family said...

hhmmm...let's see..what am I working on?....a few things actually.I am notorious for starting things and moving on before I finish them.
I have two table runners in the making. One for Echo and one for my inlaws. I have three quilts that I just need to stipple, and a few hotpads that need binding.
oh yes, and three more aprons in the making...all cut out and ready to be sewn together.

Anna K. said...

Cool!!!!! This is motivating me to start some projects so I can actually finish them! haha.