25 November 2010

Ambrose is thankful

I'm sure Asher is too, but since he sticks to "Deh." mostly in conversation we'll have to focus on the older child this year. We wrote down what we were thankful for in FHE and I had to get Ambrose's somewhere where I wouldn't lose them... somewhere like a blog. Because they are precious and because they make me laugh.

In random order from the "thankful" turkey box:

1. All of my family "precuz" (anytime you see the word "because" from here on out picture him saying, "Precuz"- thanks.) they are like to play with me.
2. For our friends too!
3. Mama! because you're really nice to me and because I like my mommy.
4. And Daddy! Because he likes me and I listen to him (we both raised an eyebrow) and he's so nice to me and so I like him. Write a "T".... (I'm guessing for Thomas?)
5. For Jesus because he keeps me safe.
6. The temple because I like the missionaries there and I like all the pretty stuff in there.
7. For our toys.
8. For going to my friends house because I like my friends to play!
9. For Ambrose because I like being Ambrose! Because I want to stay being Ambrose. (Seems reasonable.)
10. Heavenly Father because he gives me my body and is so nice to me. (Nursery has paid off.)
11. My Maliks and my Adelaides!! And Ivy, Tyken, Eden, Shae.....and HAPPY SCHOOL!! (Sorry any other friends. I know he's grateful for you too. He's just workin' with three year old recall here.)
12. Beds. Because at night time we sleep on our beds and at nap time. (Nap time. Really. I wish you would Ambrose.)
13. For my slippers because I like going to birthday parties with my slippers on.
14. Swim lessons because I'm thankful for my teachers inside them. (About here I was ready to stop. He was not.)
15. For our bodies.
16. Our clock because it tells when to go to Monty's house when the little hand points to the four. (Good memory.)
17. Asher because when he "wahhhhhs" I make him happy.
18. My Papas and Grandmas because I like to play at their house and talk on the phone to them.
19. (Then he looked around, focused on the pen in my hand for a bit and said:) For writing because I like writing....... (at this point I said, "OK GOOD! Should we be done?!?")

I am thankful for this list and happy to have it recorded so I can someday cry and pour over it as the teeenage version of him texts his friends during the Thanksgiving FHE. :)

And here's some of our day:
Thanksgiving 2010
Thanksgiving 2010
Thanksgiving 2010
Thanksgiving 2010
Thanksgiving 2010
Thanksgiving 2010
Thanksgiving 2010
Thanksgiving 2010
Thanksgiving 2010
Thanksgiving 2010
Thanksgiving 2010
The boys were good all day. It was so weird. Yesterday too. I felt like a real family and not like Thomas and I had agreed to ease wild animals into domesticity for once.

I am thankful for this sweet time of life.

ON TO CHRISTMAS FINALLY! (Our first Thomas Robertson family tree is up already! This is our seventh Christmas since we have been married and we have never had a tree! Blaspheme.)


echo said...

sounds like a lovely day. and what a sweet list of thankfuls ambrose. you are such a cute boy. your name is on our thankful tree also. i think it may even be up there more than once.

Diana said...

this might be the best thing you've ever written:

"I felt like a real family and not like Thomas and I had agreed to ease wild animals into domesticity for once."

and these might be some of my favorite photos thomas has taken.

and this definitely is one of my fav songs playing on over there on the right.

liko said...

lovely lovely!!

i totally fell through on the thankful theme with my kiddos this year. slacker. yes. so sad, especially after reading this and that you did it for FHE (which hasn't been held in our home for quite a while...)

i love amby's list, though. made me smile. really big-like.

and wasn't the day just beautiful - thanksgiving? it was. glad you guys had a delicious day.

Carrie said...

awwww he's so cute! i can't believe he's the same age as banks... the only thing he could think of to be thankful for was food. and only that after a. lot! of prodding.

are those persimmons in the bowl? what in the world do you do with persimmons?

betsy said...

what a lovely thanksgiving in words and photos. thanks for sharing :)
that list is just the best!

boo face mcjones said...

HAHA wild animals line is the best. So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. AND YOUR FIRST TREE EVER?!? Oh man, oh man, oh man. I'm out of speech.

sheila said...

Well done Ambrose! Great list. I like and am thankful for slipper and birthday parties too.

and hooray for getting a Christmas tree.

stephanie joy said...

Oh persimmons- you just munch them. I had to ask friends and most just eat them peel and all and they are good! I know my moms VT used to make her persimmon bread though and I think one of my friends uses them in cookies.

And don't you worry, Ambrose had to be prodded for the "precuz" part of everything. I wanted to know why he was thankful for clocks. He had pretty good reasons.

melissa marie said...

i really like #9. we should all feel that way, eh.

i'm glad you had a good day. your plates are way cool.

Emily said...

I love his answers ;) I'm thankful that you are feeling better. love ya.