10 November 2010

When you're feeling sorry for yourself...

(Because you've had flu like symptoms for six weeks due to a weird infection somewhere in your body and the antibiotics aren't doing their job yet and your back and legs hurt and hurt from it too and you wanna be around to help your loved ones on the mainland and so you miss them so so much and you feel like you are a bad mom because all you can do sometimes is lay down until pain meds kick in blah blah blah wah wah)

1. DO NOT check facebook. Everyone's chirpy little updates about how awesome their lives are will make you want to punch someone in the face or puke.

2. DO NOT attempt to raise two small children with big goals in mind... you will get better someday and you can go back to being Suzy Homemaker I am sure. Oh and PS- they are not trying to sabotage you or bother you... they are 1 and 3 year old boys... danger and energy are their middle names.

3. DO NOT clean your whole house and get all the laundry done and go for a park, museum, walk outing, followed by another bike ride at the first chance of feeling normal. It was just the pain meds talking... not your actual body telling you that you were all better now.

4. DO NOT say things you don't mean to your kids when you don't feel well it will come back to haunt you later (i.e.- Ambrose to Asher: "You're being annoying Asher!" and Ambrose to me: "You're driving me nuts Mama! Just give me a minute here!" Oh man.)

5. DO NOT obsesses over ways you can make money to pay off debt and visit family more. They know you love them and everyone will be fine. Just stick to the plan.

6. DO NOT skip taking meds to see "if you are all better." You are not and probably won't be until the antibiotics are done. You will be mean to everyone around you and have to lay down all day if you do this.

7. DO stack your Netflix queue with Christmas movies.

8. DO get some holiday baking done. Being sick has given you low appetite... but not that low.

9. DO get out with the kids at least once a day.

10. DO talk to family on the phone every chance you get.

11. DO send that package you have been meaning to send.

12. DO thank Thomas for taking care of the whole family so well for so long now.
He's been so sympathetic at every turn. If I were him I would be saying, "Lemme guess... your back hurts and you're achy and have a fever. AGAIN. Yeah, get over it lady." But he is very sweet. Always.

13. DO crafty things with the kids because it's quiet and they love it.

14. DO remember not to compare yourself with anyone else. EVER. EVER AGAIN. EVER. Everyone is different. Do your own thing.

15. DO get over feeling sorry for yourself. It's ugly on you.

16. DO things that make you happy and ditch those that don't.

17. DO finish another sewing project as soon as you can sit for normal amounts of time again.

18. DO watch that mouth of yours.

19. DO remember to thank Heavenly Father for all of our good health.

20. DO keep positive and keep working on your family goals.

This is just a phase.


Nate and Julie said...

Oh, I wish I could come and give you a great big hug! I love how you put it so simply. We too have been dealing with our share of illness and it's the pits. But, besides that, life is good. I try to focus on what's in front of me and you have reminded me even more of what is most important. Thank you! I love you!

Natalie said...

Steph- what do you have? I am so sorry. Just know that we miss you too and wish we could come THERE ever. I agree on the Christmas movies. I have already started the music and movies.

Ashley said...

Poor little Steph, don't miss us cause we aren't doing anything fun over here. I hope you start feeling better. Didn't the doctor call you yesterday?

stephanie joy said...

She did. She said to keep with what I've been taking and if I still feel this way then we'll try something different.

stephanie joy said...

oh and Nana- it might be from a UTI I thought I had treated and gotten over that instead set up camp somewhere else in my body with a vengeance. Kind of feels like a kidney infection, but if it doesn't get better after this week may be something else entirely. I guess we will wait and see.

Diana said...

oooh, i don't like this one bit. well, there were a lot of parts about what you wrote that i really liked. but i don't like the idea of 6 weeks of flu like symptoms? and a UTI gone awry? ick ick ick, i'm so sorry. i know your excellent perspective is a pep talk to yourself, but i find it extremely inspiring on a day when i feel so gray and low and lonely. you are such a good mama even in your sickened state, i know. right now i have myra "babysitting," shiloh so i can write this. heart you.

Melissa said...

oh friend, i am sorry!! thanks for taking the time to post anyways. I was thinking about you today, hope that stupid virus or whatever it is goes away soon and you can be back to your happy, healthy self. love ya

melissa marie said...

"you're driving me nuts mama" haha! that kills me.

i'm glad calvin can't talk/repeat what i say at 4am when he's been screaming for two hours after a whole day of screaming...

Megan and Keli'i said...

You poor poor girl! Please, please let me know if there's anything at all I can do to help. And remember: you are amazing. I look up to you.

liko said...

geez, doesn't sound so good. can i bring you some chocolate goodies i made that are good for you??

and if you're still feeling crappy after all this time i think you need to visit the dr. again ASAP! the infection may need stronger antibiotics.
hope you start feeling better soon, before the word "annoying" becomes a permanent fixture in your kids' vocabulary (it already is in faith and malik's :-/).
i'm praying for you, friend. love ya.
oh, and i doubt my FB posts made you want to punch someone or puke because we haven't been doing much, either. and faith has been sick, too. if that makes you feel any better.

Carrie said...

Why is motherhood so very universal? Love you and your posts. I hope you feel better soon.

Banks' line is, "your're CRAZY, babay!" oops.

And I haven't said anything about the beautiful note you sent because I want to say it to you in handwriting but it's taking me forever so I'll at least say, thank you so much. It was appreciated far more than you know. Tears and hugs and you're the bests from me. xo

sheila said...

I'm sorry you are sick, my friend.

Net flix is a great comfort (especially holiday films)

I also like orange smoothies.

I wish we lived closer, I'd watch your kids.

ashley said...

this is my heart going out to you. being a mom is freaking hard, especially when your sick. sounds like you have a handle on what to do and not to do now though, stick to it. and come on over and hang sometime, please i miss you ;)

Smiths said...

Ugh. It's ok to complain sometimes. Especially if you really do feel crappy. I'm sending a prayer and lots of good thoughts your way. Hope you feel all better soon. Really soon. Like now.

Greene said...

Steph,now I am the one feeling helpless and so far away! i think you said that exact thing about 2 weeks ago. I just told mom we all need to live in a cul-de-sac somewhere so we can help eachother out more often. hope things get resolved very soon.

Shanae said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! WHERE HAVE I BEEN. OH YES, suffering too! I guess I need to post it though so you can look and it and maybe feel better that someone else is suffering and feeling VERY similar to you!!!! I am SO SORRY, OK I HAVE TO READ YOUR OTHER POSTS TO FIND OUT MORE:) LUV U. SORRY!!!