30 December 2010

Mom Tip: Educational stuff for the kiddies

A long time ago my sisters blogged. Just kidding. Let me finish that sentence: A long time ago my sisters blogged about some things they loved to use around home. You know, products, personal and household favorites...etc. I love that sort of thing because you know you can trust it. True, some of it might just be personal preference, but I am 100% more confident buying something that I know someone likes and actually uses. Plus, I always trust a product review way more when I know there's no chance someone is being paid to say it's awesome. So, I wondered if we could help each other out. If you want.

So, here is my mom tip! We love The Friend magazine around here of course. Big surprise there. But we also have been getting this:

little gem over the last year. It from Highlights, but it's called High Five and is for ages 2-6.

We love it! Each month we look forward to new stories and a comic, poems, math exercises, brain teasers, a craft suggestion that is totally doable, recipes we usually try that kids can do, and a game you can cut out and keep until it gets played so much it falls apart.

I wish they were paying me to say all this, because this is starting to sound like an ad (Highlights people are you out there?!?!)- but we seriously love it and I always think, "I should tell my friends how great this is."

It makes me feel like an on top of it mom to do so much educational, fun stuff that I don't have to come up with myself.

Ok, your turn- do you have a favorite educational toy or product we all need to check out? It doesn't have to be something you buy either. It could be a fun educational activity or game. Let's hear it!


melissa marie said...

nate's grandparents gave us a subscription to national geographic for kids magazine for christmas. we laughed really hard because we were like, thanks, calvin will love this in about ten years! so no, i have no input (as usual).

ps i'm totally looking forward to the magazine for myself, however.

Vicki Christensen said...

I'm a sucker for all those magazines too. I even subscribe to the Which Way USA editions, which are a little old for my 4 year old but I tuck them away and know they will be a great resource a little later on. Braedon loves getting his own magazines in the mail too.

snbjork said...

I'll have to check out that magazine. I remember loving the Highlights magazines when I was a kid.

Here's something that we all love around here. =)


.From Her. said...

We get these tooooo. That's all. :)

lizzie said...

That sounds super awesome. I'm going to go subscribe right now. Thanks.

I have nothing else to add at this time. Please forgive me.

Christina said...

That sounds like a neat magazine!

I really like Bright Builders made by Discovery Toys- you can create anything you can imagine and they're the perfect size for little ones and older ones.

Greene said...

Ha ha ha! We did use to blog a long time ago! I am the worst blogger... sorry!

ashley said...

i don't believe in educational things for my children. they will get/ are getting their education on the streets of hauula. pretty sure they need anything else.

stephanie joy said...

fo shiz ash. word up to the 96717.

Carrie said...

We used to get those and I loved them! Did you guys get zoo books (the magazine) when you were kids? THey were awesome.

I am always amazed at the creative things my kids come up with when playing with Legos... Does that count? Ohh and have you seen the semi-coloring book Doodles by Taro Gomi? It's awesome and I know you would love it. You can get it on amazon.

liko said...

mama santa went a little overboard with eeBoo products via amazon.com this Christmas.
go check it out!!
and buy a thing or two.
i got the bingo, the life on earth and i never forget a face memory games (lovely i tell you)and some 'tell me a story' sets. my kids LOVE them!!
(and we just started getting highlights magazines ourselves!)

liko said...


Matti said...

I'm going to have to check that out. That sounds great! Wish I had something to add to the idea list.