29 December 2010

Sewing Society: Help wanted... inquire within... the post. Thanks!

When I don't have work I get to blog more and make more stuff. It's fun! So, we have been making a lot of food around here and making everyone crazy since I have been reading these:

every time someone turns their back for a second... book six, I'm comin' for ya!

But anyway, last night I finally made these:

Huck Finn pants for four little Huck babies named:



and Shiloh

There's something so appropriate about Huck Finn pants all on a clothesline like that:

I have one more awesome project almost done... just getting a friend to help me with the last step and I can't wait to show you!

Oh yeah, speaking of help from crafty friends- anyone have a favorite Roman Shade tutorial? I've had the stuff to make them for the boy's room sitting on my floor for months. I think this is a pretty good one from What's New? Although, I'll admit the process intimidates me slightly.

Jenny at Little Green Notebook has a great alternative, but will it last and hold up to heavy fabric, plus black out fabric on a big window??

I need help! Anyone have experience in the Roman Shade department?

I asked Ambrose for help because he's crafty, but he was too busy constructing this:

Oh well.


Thomas said...

I like. I like.

stephanie joy said...

Thanks for the support honey. HAHA!

I'm not gonna do the Roman Shades after further investigation. They won't look good with the thick blinds we have. On to the next project!

liko said...

haha, that's good, because i was just about to ask exactly what a roman shade was...

Meg said...

if you change your mind, I have an easy way, that my mom taught me. She is the best. I need to make two shades, and so does Katie. We could all get together, and I could show you. Just an idea.

stef j. said...

i was gonna say, meg thomander taught me how to sew mine, and it was the first thing i ever sewed. i'd totally have to recommend her... i have a few shades to sew too!

Anna K. said...

I love your Huck Finn pants! Do you have a pattern? Or did you just figure it out yourself. I want to make some! I sooooooo wish Delmer and Asher could be best buds and run around in Huck Finn pants together.

stephanie joy said...

Anna girl- it's from Heather Ross- Weekend Sewing! But you could probably just trace a pair of Del's pants and go for it!

. said...

The pants look wonderful! Glad you are finally giving good old Harry a try, that sounds kinda gross.

Matti said...

yup, if you haven't already hooked up wih Meg, she has some great ones in her house. And that is the extent of my knowledge on Roman shades.