14 January 2011

Books I've been meaning to read...

I keep track of all good book recommendations like the ones
My honestly on to pals,



Many nerdy English friends and fellow teachers,

and Melissa,

tell me about. So I put all these on my "book list" on the Hawaii public library homepage!

Do you see a theme in my blog posts lately... besides frequency... get it done!

Why talk about it when you could do it. Which one should I read first? Any other recommendations?


liko said...

i hear capture the castle is really good! so i think i'm gonna read that one, too.

liko said...

*I capture the castle

Christina said...

'The Book of Negroes' and 'The 5 Love Languages' are great books!

star said...

Jeff and I read P&P and Zombies aloud, but I've been thinking of re-reading it. I need something easy and fun, since my brain can't handle anything too serious right now. I also read I Capture the Castle thanks to Miss Carrie and I liked it.

echo said...

i plan on reading born to run on the recommendation from my aunt and jon stewart.
i am reading everyday greatness right now by steven covey and david hatch. and i started the brothers karamazov before christmas got about 200 pages in. i need to finish that one.

melissa marie said...

ohoh read mine first!

not only is it interesting material, but it's also nicely written. i forgot to mention that. i've decided the easiest genre for me to read fast (besides the harry potter genre) is creative nonfiction. which this is.

Carrie said...


I'm practically famous.

You should also read "In a Sunburned Country." It's really funny. And it's about Australia so you'll want to travel there after you read the book.