15 January 2011

We frequently dance in my somewhat disheveled room

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and Ambrose requests "Sleepyhead" by Passion Pit... aka- the "alien song"... I think he likes the male falsetto. Who can blame him. I've always been a fan myself. So we get down to it daily.

It's the only exercise I can muster these days.

How do you all have the energy? Way to go.


.Ang. said...

Haha the label on this one is hilarious!

I love all of this, especially Ambrose and his super serious alien dance party face.

Love it!

liko said...

so rad!!

Melissa said...

whoa thats cool! how/what did you use to make this?

stephanie joy said...

As usual, anything cool Thomas made. :) heh heh- And as usual, anything cool that he made... I have no idea how to do! But I think he just found a website and uploaded these pictures he took on his new tripod and they make it for you? Thomas are reading this? Is that right?

Thomas said...


Mariko said...

No energy. The amount of energy you're showing here is blowing me out of the water. :)

Funny story. Jake told me on Saturday, in his younger, stupider days, the "I'm cooler than anyone days," he (and friends) called Thomas, Doug S. and Winget (? Can't remember who the 3rd was actually), "Buttercreamers!" When they were riding away on their bikes.
As in, from the Buttercream Gang. Ever seen that movie?
He feels a bit bad about it, but we giggled about it anyway. It's fun to live in the community your spouse grew up in for this reason.

stephanie joy said...

that's hilarious since i am pretty sure those boys thought that movie was funny and would quote it and whatnot... maybe i'm getting that mixed up with me and thomas! but an appropriate insult nonetheless- ten points for jake!