19 January 2011

Crafty things that are making me terrifically happy

Here's that sail I said I was going to make:

A sail boat! I mean, sail bed!

A good excuse to finally use my trusty steering wheel buttons... purely for embellishment. No buttoning required of these fancy fancies.

Ambrose didn't act as excited as I imagined he would when I was done and I felt lame staying up the night before stitching my little heart out just to have him shrug at it. The next morning though, he ran into where I was sleeping and told me he sailed in his dreams! haha He's currently playing Captain Hook on his bed with Smee (Asher) as I type this. Oh good. Sometimes crafts seem to be more for parents than the kids they are supposedly created for and I really didn't want this to be one of those cases!

Thanks to my pal Kristi for donating the perfect white fabric to the cause. She saw 7 yards of white fabric for $2. She bought it. I understand the impulse. What a steal!

Ok, and now to give credit to another pal- my Mel P. She "slaughtered a sweater" way back when and I wanted to do it too. My sweater was too short to wear by itself and too hot to wear with a shirt under it.


I chopped it and hand-stitched some trim on. It's easy and now it's not too hot or too short. I love! Try it sometime.

Hmmmm.... what else? Oh yeah, I inherited a monstrous flannel board collection and so I spent hours cutting these out:

Remember these? I am so excited to have my own set! We'll use them to teach our primary class and for FHE. Thank you Beth! So awesome! It even had a quiet book to go with it that Ambrose and I just put together yesterday.

I have wool felt coming in the mail soon to make another crazy, cool quiet book I dreamed up in the shower one day! TMI? Sorry. It's gonna be cool though. But it will take me a while to finally finish. I'll show you when I am done Mom. And anyone else who cares. :)

Oh and last but not least (Can you handle more craftiness? Try not to vomit. I am almost done.)

My friend Katie tipped me off about this handy contraption (found at good old Walmart):

and now my thread has a happy home instead of being all balled up and tangled in a grocery sack in some container. AWESOME! It was making me pathetically happy to put this together before bed last night. Thomas was laughing at my glee.

Ok, I'm done for now. Have a crafty week and a nice life!


snbjork said...

I think it's so lovely that you have the talent (and the desire/motivation) to do so many cool crafty things. There isn't a crafty bone in my body. Makes me tired just thinking of sewing on a button (which I can't do, by the way...I need a lesson). I'm totally jealous of your new flannel board collection. It's awesome.

P.S. Alton LOVES your skeleton shirt. I think he's jealous, too.

echo said...

i told marc i wanted one of those thread things to hang on the wall as a piece of art that doubles as a thread holder thingy. love it!
look at you and your crafty self. you have no idea how jealous i am and wish i had my sewing machine.

stephanie joy said...

99% of this is hand-stitched ec! you can still be a crafty craftmaster in a hand-stitched kinda way. but yes, i hope you get a new machine asap!

melissa marie said...

your sweater looks awesome. i have slaughter #2 coming up as soon as i get a minute. you're going to think i copied you back because it involves trim! yay/

kimball said...

You are so Betty. I love it.

Carrie said...

your sweater looks professional!

your sail is so cute!

your thread rack is awesomely organized! (and I love the oversized houndstooth below it)

do keep posting about your craftiness because it's very inspiring.

liko said...

i love that you're so crafty these days, friend!!!

soooo happy!!

and my mama had one of those thread holders, i need one...

reading this made me oh so happy.

Melissa said...

ooh looks good! great job!
I have a new sewing machine and have been sewing up all sorts of things too! I love it!

Bitty said...

You are unstoppable. I totally want a flannel board.

sheila said...

your crafty spirit is making me happy and making my crafty spirit wake up.

melissa marie said...

it's funny that your dad called you betty.

kate said...

you are officially a super crafting awe-inspiring piece of sunshine. yup, so true