18 January 2011

Want to hear one of my all-time favorite musicians?

He's playing on this blog right now. I've got a bunch of his stuff to the right there ------>

He performs under the name Quail and can record and write music for any genre you want because he's cool like that.

You may even hear Thomas drumming a little on "Churches and Libraries"- in fact- no maybe about it. That's him alright!

Anyway, he's got this stylish new site and if you are a musician, music lover, or can tap your fingers to a good beat (read: that includes just about everyone right?) you should check it out!

We love Birds, Beaks, and Bones Martin. Best album of 2010 if you ask me!

Check it out y'all.


stephanie joy said...

Quail is on iTunes by the way- Birds, Beaks, and Bones! Woot!

Patria said...

very good music, thanks so much for sharing! we recently loved listening the npr 90 minute program that highlighted the listeners picks for best albums of 2010- top 25. The number 25 song was the only one that you could skip over, but everything else was seriously awesome! i liked the little bits of commentary with it too. you can find it easily on the npr website if you just search best albums of 2010.