13 January 2011

sew sick

Man, it's like I've caught a bug lately. I can't stop thinking of projects I want to do and dreaming up a way to do them!

I came home from teaching last night and found this sail/tent in the boys room:

and it gave me an awesome idea!

Ambrose hasn't let us take his sail down yet, but it makes me nervous to have rope hanging around in a little kids room... so I think I'm gonna make a more permenate (but can be removed) version of this with hooks and ties. They have a life aquatic room anyway. It will totally go with the whole nautical theme.

I just need to find some light-weight white cotton fabric and lots of it! And at a good price! Oh and maybe I'll do a little applique...

Anyone else sea sick? I mean sew sick? heh heh


liko said...

how about muslin or gauze?

exciting!! i need to get bit by that same bug!!

Carrie said...

Not yet but you are definitely helping me get there. I am so excited at the thought of a sail in the boys room... Can you make it like the sydney opera house? :)

melissa marie said...

you're seeeew funny.

Rachel said...

you are wonderful! I want to live in their room. Oh the fun I would have with your kids!

boo face mcjones said...


What a cute idea. I can't wait to see it!

Ashley said...

That is a cute idea. Is that fake Muffy I spy on the bed?

kate said...

yes, I would use muslin too, cheapo neepo, is that a word?

anyways, that's what I used for my play cloths, using a 40% off coupon.

I can't wait to see the final product.

you are SO out-crafting me these days, it's totally awesome, and possibly inspiring.

i said possibly, i ain't committing to anything