23 February 2011

Failed attempt No.1

Sometimes when I make things my problem solving is going a mile a minute from issue to issue and I can't see the forest for the trees.... does that saying apply here?

Anyway, deep down I knew I had no idea what I was doing, but the child begged me everyday for at least two weeks straight. He wanted a scientist coat just like the one in the movie and I thought, well, I want to learn how to sew clothes... good practice?

Anyway, did you get a load of that huge boat neck up there? I didn't even bother hemming the sleeves... it was a lost cause.

"Where did I go wrong?" I wondered as I went to bed.

I did the front panels, and felt all clever because I remembered you could do something tricky with the sleeves before sewing it all up.... an insiders tip my beginning sewing teacher taught me long ago... first it was the back that gave me trouble. It didn't fit with the front and the sleeves. In fact, when I was measuring it on Ambrose I was doing a lot of grumbling about it not matching up and he said, "I think you don't know how Mama. I could show you!" and I grunted, "Ha! I wish." And then he grabbed my face and said with a big grin, "Let's just laugh about it." No joke, he said that. Where does this delightful child come from? I was more determined than ever to make this kid his stupid scientist coat!

So, when I threw the towel in last night I was sad for my boy.

And then, like a mad scientist version of myself I started laughing hysterically in the middle of the night! It was so painfully clear! OF COURSE! I have a crazy boat neck because I am supposed to sew the front panels to the BACK! first! Not the sleeves. And the tricky trick was to sew the sleeves in before the side seams! OH YEAH!

I had forgotten that tiny, significant detail.

So, of course I woke Thomas up and told him my mistake, because he gives a crap at midnight..... and then I giggled myself to sleep.

I will start over tomorrow since I don't have time today. Expect a finished coat by this weekend.

I know, you're just sitting on the edge of your seats.... :)

Well, I know one kid who is.

Hold tight little buddy. I think I've got this one figured out! Back to the lab with attempt No.2!


Mindy said...

I'm totally impressed that you are just creating ...I don't dare try without a pattern! If you do decide to go the pattern route though... I did a "doctor coat" for jack's dress-up box using a simple kids pajama top pattern in a heavy white muslin. It turned out really cute (if I do say so myself). Good luck, I can't wait to see the finished product!

melissa marie said...


oh sweet.

ps my only hangup with my swimsuit is finding fabric! the only swimsuit type fabric my joanns has is solid and way too bright (aka neon) for me, or black. i might just go black, but i'd really like a nice stripe. what's yours like?

laurel said...


Melissa said...

haha he is delightful, what a nice thing to say to his mama!

It's getting very close, good job at keeping at it. "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!" ...right?

Melissa said...

oh i just read your comment! thank you friend!

Carrie said...

ha haha hahahhahaha

Oh man.

Let's do just laugh about it.

You are such a nice momma. Can't wait for the finished result.