23 February 2011

awww yeah!

This makes me so happy I'm gonna make it my goal for the year. This pose and this emotion.

The picture is way too tiny so you can't see the awkward, and I mean awkward, look on my face in the picture. It's too bad too. I love awkward.

But don't worry. I ordered it in a 5x7 (this is just the proof they email you from the race).

Remember last year's victory pose at the finish line?

It's my personal goal to end each race like a lunatic. It just feels good. Success.


salt lake city slickers said...

success indeed!! keep it up

Greene said...


laurel said...

I love this post. And your personal goal... it makes me laugh

laurel said...

in a serious way, of course.

kimball said...

Way to go Steph!

Taylor said...

you just reminded me of this one episode of friends where pheobe tries to make rachel run 'crazy'.

love it.

if i saw you running down the street like that, i'd totally want to be your friend.

melissa marie said...

i wish i felt like that more often.