18 February 2010

3 happy things this morning!

1. I was getting ready to teach Happy School this morning and so I got on the computer to print out their coloring worksheets, checked my email, and saw this:
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It made me laugh so hard I nearly cried. I should briefly explain:
This was from the Great Aloha Run on Monday. It is an 8 mile course. I didn't train until the week before, because I lack motivation these days and I had also never run eight miles before. So, I really didn't expect to do well. I thought I would probably walk some and run some.

I RAN THE WHOLE THING WITHOUT WALKING ONCE. I finished 8 miles in 1 hour and 22 minutes and since I never time any runs I do or calculate millage that seems like a cool fact to know.

Anyway, as the picture may indicate- I felt cool. And not just cool, but like athletically cool, which has never happened to me in the history of my life.

2. Thomas works more now, which is great for us financially, but we kind of miss hanging out with daddy all the time. We got used to the economy sucking over the last year. :)

Anyway, in the middle of the week especially we hardly see him between work, his church calling, and Upstanding Youth practice. Last night he got home late from practice and left before we were all up for work. I was feeling a little like a single parent and then I saw this:

on our bathroom mirror.

Isn't it funny how little gestures like that give purpose to your day? Instead of feeling like I was buried in diaper changes, laundry, timeouts, and endless snacks and kid shows I felt ultra-motivated to give my children a great day!

And now for the happiest happiest of them all!
I finally saw a picture of my new nephew Lincoln Ben Jones!!!

Oh my, isn't he just so sweet, so precious, and handsome, and look at all that dark hair!


Congrats to my sister Ashley and her husband Ben!

THIS is the biggest downside to living in Hawaii for sure. We love it here, but we would LOVE to be closer to all the family. I want to hold baby Lincoln so bad. See you this summer little buddy.


liko said...

3 GREAT things indeed!!!

and that's so awesome you ran the whole dang thing!!!

Rach said...

Way to run!! that is amazing. SERIOUSLY way to go. And what a sweet hubby you have.

Matti said...

Hahaha! I love it! And that is a great time. 8 minutes faster than me the first time I did 8 miles....woo hoo!!!!! You should feel athletically cool. ;-) Did you high five trees like me as you ran by?

Melissa said...

haha love it! I wish I could enlarge it! :) It's from the one website tho, huh?

what a nice note, and such a cute baby!

Melissa said...

haha love it! I wish I could enlarge it! :) It's from the one website tho, huh?

what a nice note, and such a cute baby!

sheila said...

I am soooo impressed you ran that whole thing! I better start training now for that measly 5K in September. haaa. I doubt I can run a mile without stopping.
awesome picture!

echo said...

gosh, i love your picture! it is awesome.
and congrats to your sis ashley. such a handsome lad.

Smiths said...

Awe! That's some sunshine on these otherwise cloudy days. I've daydreamed about similar haircuts. You'll look fab either way

Henke Family said...

good job on your run! I sometimes wonder if I could accomplish such a thing. I am a chicken. a weeny and a chicken when it comes to physical accomplishments. :)

ashley said...

what a cute little baby! congrats to your sister!

and that picture of you running, awesome! i am proud of you for not training and not walking!

sorry we missed the party at your house, our gills were dry and we needed to go to the beach even if it was semi rainy and sold then warm and nice!

lizzie said...

Hooray for the GAR! I want to do it again someday. Awesome that you ran the whole thing without even training. I have an idea: we'll train for a Ragnar Relay and be on the same team. I know they have one in Utah, one in Vegas, one in SoCal, so we just need to pick one, plan a vacation to that part of the world, and find 10 other people to run with us (or maybe just 9 since I know Micah would be in for sure). Sound like a plan? Good. Let's do it. :)

KristenE. said...

Ahhhhh!!!! Baby Lincoln is here =) I was patiently waiting to hear the news of his arrival =)Congrats to your Sis and the Hawkins fam!

And sister, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that picture of you at the great aloha run finish line! Running is HARD. I wish I has there to give you a high five.

KristenE. said...

AND...I am so there with you about missing the hubby and feeling like a single parent sometimes. Thomas is such a good hubby to leave a note for you. Way to go Thomas!!

Damaris said...

anyone who can run, even run a block, is a hero in my eyes. congrats.

boo face mcjones said...

BAH! that photo of you is AMAZING! i wish i could have a poster of it in front of me as i ran. oh, and lincoln is so precious. i am sure he misses his aunt stephanie so very much!