16 February 2010

an awkward stage, bless her heart

It's kinda late, but I feel like a chat.

I need change. I need a makeover.

I have really long hair and I love it, but my baby pulls it all day and maybe it's not as lovely as I think it is. It is also everywhere I look (shower, floor, baby's greedy fists...etc.) and that's nasty... so.... Plus I have always wanted to donate to Locks of Love and you have to have 10 inches to donate, and I could actually spare 10 inches so why not.

It's just hair. It'll grow back (she tells herself in a shaky voice).

Why is this even an issue?

I'm considering these styles:

When I ask Thomas he says go with the Nicole Richie (and that's the one in the middle in case you have no idea who she is. Oh and if you don't know who she is... bravo. You're kinda awesome.).

I'm just terrified it will end up looking like this:

and to that Thomas says, "then keep your bangs and don't part it in the middle" with a "DUH" tone of voice. He's entirely awesome.

Anyway, I am all confident about it one minute and the next I think, "Nah, I like my hair." So, does that mean I shouldn't do it?

In other news, I hate all of my clothes.


Raise your hand if you feel like you have been wearing the same outfit for like four years.

Me too.

And those same clothes have now been through two pregnancies. And if you are like me you restrict your spending to Ross, Forever 21, Wet Seal, Jeans Warehouse, thrift stores, garage saling, maybe a good Old Navy Sale...etc. You know, cheap, but can be awesome if you dig. The thing about those kind of clothes- they are cheap for a reason, i.e.: not meant to last even half a decade.

So I want new clothes, but every time I go shopping these days I end up putting most if not all back... and with two kids, yeah, wait, I DONT go shopping. Ever.

Part of my problem, too, is that I don't like a lot of clothes that are "in" these days. I guess I am "out". That's cool.

I need a new swim suit too. Real bad.

I want one like this:

Or something in the neighborhood.

This post is going nowhere, but I need a makeover. Or something. Apparently I thought you should know.

Ok, thanks. Back to your regular scheduled programing.


Taylor said...
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Taylor said...

i've done the locks of love thing a few times now, and let me tell you that it's really fun to cut your hair off. it's amazing how much less shampoo you use, and how much faster it dries. plus you get that really fun bouncy swingy thing back. i think that a just above the shoulder length bob might look good too, a la anne hathaway in the valentine's day movie.

oh and a fun idea to solve your clothes dilemma-
you should throw a party and have everyone bring any clothes they are tired of, and have a trade off. all the kids can play together, while you guys discover new treasures amongst what other people bring, and whatever no one wants, you can donate. plus, if you make it a potluck, then you really wouldn't be out any money.

melissa marie said...

uh, yeah. i've been wearing the same clothes for four years and had my hair the same (even though technically i've cut it off and grown it out and had very extreme differences in that time...weird). and in clothes are ugly. maybe we don't need makeovers, maybe IN needs a makeover.

but really, i don't know how to adjust from this great early 2000s look. it really worked for me. where do i go from here?

these same questions have been plaguing me for months. nate has no patience for it. understandably.

Kahilau said...

Oh my, I know exactly what you mean. Amazing how hard it is to actually spend any substantial amount on clothing for yourself. Well my friend, JUST DO IT! and ENJOY every minute! Also, cut that hair off, it will grow back and it feels so great to just do something different and crazy! Anyway, those are my 5 cents!

diana palmer said...

this is just like watching oprah and finding out she's doing a makeover show! they are so fun. okay, let's get started. wait, i don't even know what "in," clothes you are talking about that you don't like.

long hair in hawaii seems glamorous, but can be tuff. i think your hair would do a nice richie if you're so inclined.

about clothes. its simple, just like the hair cut. look around for inspiration (this coming from someone who's most frequently worn shirt is a maternity number from walmart). but try this charming girl for instance: http://www.tazaandhusband.com/ i love how she dresses, and i can get down with clever mismatching.does that help? or

Carrie said...

Diana, that site is awesome. I'm stealing her life (but with my own hub and kids).

Oh dear friend Steph. I had a dream all last night that I was trying to cut everyone's hair but I could never get it short enough until I bicked it. Maybe you should do that?

I raised both my hands for the wardrobe thing. It just feels so wrong that I still have things from high school, and not because they are cool but because if I get rid of them what else will I wear? le sigh. Buy a new wardrobe and then post pictures so I can be excited for my someday. Oh and wait a month before you spend all your money because the liberty of london line at target is going to blow. your. mind. (I hope)

Carrie said...

And as a stylist I feel like I should point out that each of those haircuts would be executed in the exact same way (with sliiiiight variations in length), which is good news because I'm pretty sure that means you already know what you want! ha!

modestmuse said...

The lucky thing about you is that you have GOOD HAIR. You can pull off any style, but please go with the Nicole Richie; SO cute. The last one is cute, too, but could end up more mommish/Katie Holmes than you want. And your hair grows FAST so it would be back to normal quick if you didn't like it. As far as a clothing makeover, that's tough. I just asked Neil because he is really good with wardrobe advice and he says to start with tops from Target -- will spice up your same-old same-old bottoms; are not terribly expensive; may last a little longer than other stuff. Leave the kids with Linda for your spree. Bring a friend. Go to Ala Moana for some upscale window-shopping inspiration. I also suggest SHOES. Look for sales or just one amazing pair at Nordstrom. The thing about Hawaii is everyone is running around with beach hair and flip flops. A precision cut and REAL SHOES will make you feel all the more done up. Have fun! Love you!!

echo said...

i 'echo' every word you wrote here.
i feel EXACTLY the same way.
for my birthday i asked marc for a day of shopping by myself. is that bad, 'darling, on my birthday i want to be alone.' haha
but anyway, i am rambling. yeah, i just know how you feel.
that swimming suit looks great! you would look wonderful in it and i bet you would look great with the nicole richie bob.
good luck with all your choices!

Henke Family said...

I think you would look best with the hair-do on the dark headed girl in front of the red brick wall...????don't know who she is, but I like her hair the bestest.
I hate all the new styles too! I don't really like the spandex thing with a long shirt, but I do like how the baggy shirt hides my chub-a-lub after three babies tummy. So it's a catch 22. I LOVE that swim suit though!!! I want one too!

echo said...

oh, and if you take megans advice please pick me to go with you!

Brooke said...

Me too Me too!! I did cut my hair and now it is drab again! And the other day a friend of mine--since college--asked if the jeans i was wearing were the ones from college! Sadly YES! So I donated them and took out half the other clothes...you should do a clothing swap with all your friends out there. Other peoples clothes are new to you and you could have fun with that!!! You all seem to have the same sort of style and size!!! anyway---i say cut your hair!! I wish i was out there to do it for you! good luck!

liko said...

oh, wow, i've been feeling this way for years now...but i feel your style is impeccable now compared with my own. you'll look amazing in all those cuts! you do have great hair!
as for the wardrobe thing, i don't have advice. hahaha!!

you always look lovely, my friend. i'm such a big help, huh?

liko said...

oh, and that swimsuit is super-cute!!

Melissa said...

I think you look great. I was just saying that the other day, remember?

You know me. I love myself a good haircut any ole time, I think you should do it. And although the hairstyles are all very similar I agree with Thomas, The Richie would look lovely. I think it is the best length out of the three. So my opinion is... GO FOR IT!

And I saw some really cute polka dotted bathing suits at Macy's the other day and was scheming to get back there asap after birth to purchase myself one. It was like 100 dollars tho. So...yeah...that won't happen. But they had some really cute hula honey ones and they are only twenty a piece.

You should hit some vintage shops on etsy for new clothes. I always browse and find cute, fun stuff. Which I never purchase because I am lacking in the clothing funds department...and I am huge right now.

Anyways, you are beautiful and if you go shopping, take me with you.

sheila said...

ditto with everyone.
and especially about the clothing swap. Although it's a little different being fat and pregnant. But I attended one of those once and came home with some great additions to the wardrobe... not to mention getting rid of some things that I've had for ages to someone who wants them.
I know, I know... it's time for a PARTY! hahaaa. any reason right? A clothing swap/makeover party.

You DO have great hair though. if you cut it let me know. I've been wanting to cut mine too for the last month but my uncle, who is my hairdresser, fell ill. I need to find a new replacement... which can be scary.

rachel said...

okay, here I go, blah blah blah blah blah...........I think you should cut your hair like Suri/Katie Holmes...I love their hair.........I shop Target, the sale racks at Urban Outfitters, sometimes I go into U.O. and I hate everything, but right now it seems like they are going back to 20s-40s looks..and also they always have fun dresses that go on sale and sometimes I fall in love and pay full price, but usually not.....oh and UO has some good sandals right now...and you should buy some oxfords, I love oxfords or simple ballet flats, or just sandals, because you live in Hawaii..FUN shoes always make my old outfit look better. .... oh and sometimes Gap has good desses on sale.

I buy makeup about once a year, so I don't mind paying more, but Benefit makeup always makes me happy. I love Benetint and Coralista blush.

Also, rockstar diaries is fun, but you don't need to look at her blog for inspiration. You already dress amazing, I love the Valentine's day outfit you wore to the beach. You just want/need some new adorable clothes, so go buy them. And dress, like the movies you love. It's okay if you do not like what is in, because from what I've seen, what you like is classy and chocolat chic, so it is always in. oh and I think it's okay to buy a more expensive bathing suit, since you live by the beach.

lizzie said...

I do the same thing every few weeks. And then I remember 1. I hate shopping. 2. I have no money. 3. Micah likes me the way I am and I have no one else to impress. And then I decide that the benefits do not outweigh the costs and I wait for random people to give me clothes, which happens more often than I care to admit. :)

And the haircut is a must. No better way to make you feel like a new you -- your clothes might even feel new all of a sudden because you'll feel so different. At least in my experience.

lorieloo said...

I'm right there with ya. except for the hair change. pretty okay with my hair right now. but can we just discuss how uncool it is that during pregnancy your hair is all full and pretty and does whatever you want it to. and then you have a baby and feel disgusting about yourself and your beautiful pregnancy hair turns into sad, wilty, oily, gross nursing hair? uncool I tell you. uncool.

ashley said...

why are haircuts so scary? i feel ya. i did the locks of love thing, i liked it. not sure if i would do it again, or not so sure i would go as short as i did again, not that i oppose the donating thing. anyways, i love the suit. cute. i know what you mean about the clothes, i am the same. and i forgot what else i wanted to comment on.... naturally.

melissa marie said...

ha. i like what the rachel above said.

hey, steph, have you seen that gilmore girls episode where rory and lorelai are shopping and lorelai can't find anything she likes and she says that maybe the lorelai look is out or something? i just thought of that. so in case you still needed to feel better, there's that. also later in that episode rory sees logan across the street with another girl and then give him an ultimatum. yes, i've freakishly got almost every episode of that show burned into my brain. kind of scary.

Jared Zane, Anna Christine and Delmer said...

I have been going through the same hair cutting dilemma as you. Exactly the same! Maybe we can both do it and be a support group. Your hair looks lovely long, but it would look good short too. I think your face could go with any hair style! I can't decide which hair cut I like the best, they all look cute!

laurel said...

I need a makeover too, a life makeover though, not a fashion makeover though those never hurt.

Matti said...

I'm pretty positive I commented on this....where did it go?

Anyway...Nicole Who? I actually think you will look even cuter in that hair cut than she does. I can't wait to see it. Can I watch the boys when you go to get it done, so that I will be one of the first to admire the new doo?

Matti said...

p.s. I wanna trade clothes. HOw fun! Though I can't imagine you want mine...but still. I'm pretty sure I want some of yours. ;-)

Matti said...

I suggest we leave the babies with the boys one evening and head out just us girls. Think they'd be in??? Kind of like a non-baby shower. ;-)

Bille said...

j crew for the bathing suits, they have some good sale suits (still pricy but they last a long time) I'd go with the NR hair too, and you could NEVER look like J simp. , yuck she is kinda gross... and you my pet are anything but.

Alicia said...

I love, love, LOVE the suit. And it is so YOU! I say go for it.
As for the hair, also GO FOR IT!
I just chopped mine off, and it was barely shoulder length anyway. Cutting long hair into a short style is so LIBERATING! I think you'd love it. And if you don't, well, it's just hair and it will grow back. :)