13 February 2010

yep, that's when i knew.

It could have been when he told me we were going out tonight and he had already asked his mom to watch the kids

or when I was told to order whatever I want from my favorite Thai food restaurant, but make it to go

or when we arrived, Thai deliciousness in hand, to our dinner destination and I sat and thought: "When did he plan all this?" (because I knew he had a busy day at work yesterday and later that evening I acted like a big fat brat who didn't really deserve anyone to plan a fun date for her) as I waited for him to buy our drinks

or when we chatted after we were done eating and watched the surfers

waiting for the gorgeous sun to set

but it wasn't even then or when he then cleaned up our meal and loaded us up in the car to go see the stupidest valentines movie ever just because he knew I wanted to see it.

I was close to figuring it out as we rolled our eyes together and made snide jokes the whole time. That was pretty great.

But honestly, although he was so patient to let me browse around a clothing store prior to the movie and sweet enough to have purchased treats ahead of time... that still didn't top the

swell of adoration I felt for him when I saw him carefully scan around his seat after the movie to make sure he picked up all his trash.

THAT sealed the deal for me.


That's just who he is.

I loved everything about this evening Thomas. Even when every cheesy plot line played out exactly how we predicted it would in the movie. There's no one I would rather mock a chick flick with.

Glad you're mine.


Kahilau said...

love those thoughtful, amazing husbands! Ours must be friends! We are lucky gals indeed!

rachel said...

When in rome or valentines day?

liko said...

LOVED this!! the pictures, the words, the music.
you guys are awesome!! happy heart day!!!

a mermaid said...

valentines day rachel- it was fun i guess but soooooo bad. :)

modestmuse said...

Awww I'm glad he's yours, too! We passed a Del Taco yesterday and Neil asked if I'd ever been to one and I said yes! when I was in San Diego for your wedding. Good times. I found a very sweet package waiting for me at my in-laws today!!! Thank you so much for the beautiful dress!!!

sheila said...

thats a great valentines's day. Glad you had fun.
and YES, i agree with the movie. BLAH, but it was good for the occasion. If it wouldn't have been Valentine's Day then we would have been even more upset about wasting our money on it. But... love was in the air and you couldn't stop the Valentine bliss. haha.

Melissa said...

oooh sounds like a fun time!

I love thoughtful husbands.

Smiths said...

You deserve all the spoinlings mentioned. You two are a great pair.

Damaris said...

this post is so stinkin' cute

Henke Family said...

oh, what a sweetie! sounds like a very romantic V-day.

ashley said...

perfect. you have a great valentine. make me feel that much worst about being a bad one myself. oh well. at least you two are romantic love birds!

Kim and the Fam said...

this was so cute. LOVED it. someday your kids will read this and remember how "in love" their parents are.

sounds like he is a keeper for sure!