09 February 2010

liko in the middle!

Dear Liko,

Today we were driving all around the island getting stuff done and listening to one of my random mix CDs and when this song came on Ambrose yelled, "Oh good Mama! This one the Aunty Liko song!!!'

And then I laughed as he repeated that at various times throughout the song.

And then the song was over.

And then he yelled, "No new one Mama! Need Aunty Liko song again!!!!!"

And I thought that was cute and it's a great song so I didn't mind.

And then he yelled it over and over and the first three times I didn't mind and after listen number four I had to dash his Aunty Liko hopes and dreams and let it move on to the next song.

"Is this one the Aunty Liko one too?" I asked hopefully through his cries.


He loves you a lot.

We all do.

Not just my little family but all of our friends too because you are a true, blue friend.

So, in honor of today- enjoy "your song": Cannonball by The Breeders and some pictures I stole off your blog of you or ones you took of us.... yep, stole like a creepy stalker.


Happy Liko Day Everyone. ;)


Matti said...

Amen...Liko! You are a true blue friend!! :-) And Steph???Did you really have to post the photo of me grabbing your bum again? aaaah...

melissa marie said...

how cool that this is the auntie liko song! and how cool that amby loves her and it. pretty funny.

echo said...

i LOVE auntie liko day!
it should be a regular thing

ashley said...

ha! happy liko day to you too!
liko, you are quite the gal! we love ya!

and, great song too!

a mermaid said...

matild- i love that pic cuz it's hilarious! but i shall promptly remove it just for you my dear cuz you are a true blue friend too!

Melissa said...

haha that is funny! Why did he decide it was the Liko song?

We love Liko too! :) Happy Liko day! :)

liko said...

i'm laughing my head off right now!!!
thank you!!! you really just made my day!!!
and ambrose, hey hey, i LOVE my song!!!
love you guys!!

liko said...

and i think i'm mostly laughing because of all those pictures of ME!

stef j. said...

YAY for happy LIKO DAY!!

diana palmer said...

and to all a liko night!

Smiths said...

That's rad. I need more Liko in my life!

Elisha Trask said...


KristenE. said...

LOVE IT =) Liko you are so pretty and talented and a great wife and mother!