31 March 2011

Oops, I said "Dogs be damned!"

You probably already read Lizzie Heiselt's Mother Runner blog because it's a daily fat-free treat, but if you don't you should and to start off you could read today's post:

Click here to check it out!

I was having a hard time getting back into running after nursing my aching feet for so long so I took the age old advice of exercising with a friend... except this advice never works for me since it is hard enough to get out the door with two little ones as it is and coordinating that with a friend or two = impossible for me (for some reason).

So, I did the next best thing and started using my buddy Lizzie as my own personal work-out log. It was so much fun. Here she is modeling the very shoes she got me interested in buying- in the very color and style I want! We met in Hawaii, we have boys the same age, do a lot of the same stuff, she has the Masters degree I would kill for from the University I would kill to go to (Masters in Journalism and Creative Writing from NYU. Yeah. It makes me feel all tingly inside just typing that.), she lives and runs in NYC now, and is just straight up cool.

Here's some of our correspondence from back then. Sorry for the flagrant disregard of proper grammar and syntax... I was just emailing off the cuff.

Writing her really helped me get out the door... as much, if not more, than buying aqua leggings. If that kind of insanity gets you out on a run too then dash on over to your nearest Forever 21 and get yourself a pair at like $4 a pop, but sorry, you'll have to find your own Dear Lizzie!


melissa marie said...

ok, let me try this again. i just got a dumb blogger error when i tried to comment, so if it shows up eventually you can have two twin comments from me tonight.

first, i definitely smelled editing when i read "darned dogs." second, i (dumbly) didn't realize that there were weather setbacks to running in hawaii, too. nextly, i like hearing about how you do (and don't) work out. maybe because i think about working out a lot i find it interesting what you're doing. i kind of want to know what all of my friends do on a daily basis now.

nextly, i do a workout called "self slim and sleek" that is an instant watch on netflix a couple of times a week when i can't get outside. obviously it's not the #1 workout since it's an instant watch, but i can still tolerate it after doing it that frequently for two months. they did, however, promise me that i'd be slim and sleek after only four weeks, which turned out to be a total lie! but i think it's a pretty good workout--i feel like i've worked out after i finish. it makes my arms really really tired, which is kind of dumb since i swear my arms are tough as arnold schwartzenegger's anyway, but since it's still burning calories and building muscle i guess it's ok. you should check it out if you need something to do at home.

i've tried a couple of other netflix workouts, but that's the only one i seem to jive with. that and parts of a 10minute yoga one, when i'm sick of my yoga dvds.

anyway, i was trying to write the longest comment ever in the history of blogs and take up all of the space for the other comments but i guess that's it. finis.

stephanie joy said...

I don't know about longest, but i'll def go with one of my favoritest! :) I have a few netflix work outs saved and I never get around to doing them so your comment makes me rethink that! I'm gonna check that out. I've been slacking. A lot.

boo face mcjones said...

Oh man, I just finished doing this really lame Netflix instant queue workout called "Cardio Sculpt." Pretty sure it's the same line of videos as that one Tae Bo line (remember that?), but I feel like I get a good mix of cardio and toning, so I take it on days I can't get out of the house.

Now I need to check out this one Mellie speaks of. I love the lame Netflix instant queue workouts.

And you are a total inspiration, Steph. And awesome. And I hope your feet are doing better because I have been a wee bit worried about them.

Ashley said...

Your a famous runner now! Those shoes are awesome, I want some.

lizzie said...

Maybe I'll hire you to compose a list of my editorial standards or something. I could pay you a penny. What do you think?

liko said...

just read the emails, such a fun idea! i'm about to give up on ever getting on the running bandwagon...and you did say 'damned'.

Thomas said...

I think you said a lot more than damned. ;)

ErinLeigh said...

Those shoes are awesome!!! I would SO wear those. Yep.